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  1. Azasin BDO Chapter

    Black Desert Family Name: Laxux

    Main Character Name: Azasin

    What TeamSpeak name will be: Minh

    Main Class, are you staying with this class?: Sorc

    Time Zone: PST

    Screenshot of current gear:


    Referral (not required):

    [1] LotD's Black Desert Online chapter is primarily PvP orientated. The majority of PvE we do is with intent of furthering our PvP prowess. Briefly describe how this approach sounds to you?

    I only do GK I don't grind or lifeskill and use workers plz don't make me :(

    [2] We expect (online) members to help participate in Guild Missions and scheduled Guild Events, do you feel that will be an issue?

    I don't do guild missions

    [3] Is this your first BDO guild? If not, please state the name of your most recent guild and why you're no longer with them. Honesty and transparency is important here, lying may result in removal from LotD.

    ManUp , reason I am no longer in it I got Kinjara'd idiot

    [4] BDO has a 24 cooldown after leaving a guild before you can join another. Are you currently on cooldown?


    [5] Any acts of hacking, cheating or botting will result in immediate removal from the guild and banning from all future LotD chapters. Do you have a problem with this stance?


    [6] LotD uses TeamSpeak and requires members to regularly be a part of the chapter and community. Please understand that we expect our members to be in TS whenever you they are in-game to be a part of our community. Do you feel that this may be an issue?


    [7] Are you 18 or older?


    [8] Castle wars are on Saturdays at 9PM EST and VERY important to us. Will you be able to regularly attend these wars?


    [9] How did you hear about us? / What made you decide to apply?

    lyssanna tried to poach me kek
  2. Rhyha Dude looks like a lady

    Hey Azasin, thanks for your interest.

    We will get back to you sometime today. -Lakez
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  3. Rhyha Dude looks like a lady


    Approved! We're gonna skip the duel test 'cause we know you can PvP. Check your inbox for a welcome message.

    Please whisper Rhyha/Zhyha in game/TS. Want to run through a few things.

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