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  1. feijai808 New Member

    Black Desert Family Name: Feijai808

    Main Character Name: ArcherUnlimitedB

    What TeamSpeak name will be:feija808

    Main Class, are you staying with this class?: Musa, yes

    Time Zone:-10:00

    Screenshot of current gear:


    Referral (not required): Ex AVYSSOS member

    [1] LotD's Black Desert Online chapter is primarily PvP orientated. The majority of PvE we do is with intent of furthering our PvP prowess. Briefly describe how this approach sounds to you? PvP is a core mechanic in this game. everyday 4 hours is devoted to pvp in nodewars.

    [2] We expect (online) members to help participate in Guild Missions and scheduled Guild Events, do you feel that will be an issue? scheduled guild events is used to deepen the bond between guildmates. It is essential for PvP, knowing your teamates strengths and weaknesses can help synergize both your playstyles.

    [3] Is this your first BDO guild? If not, please state the name of your most recent guild and why you're no longer with them. Honesty and transparency is important here, lying may result in removal from LotD. I was in Paxcruentus. 4 weeks ago due to a RNG tilt mechanic I failed 3 duo ogres trying to go for tri and blew up all my boss armor. I then went into a 2 week hiatus. I was Gkicked for a 2 week inactivity.

    [4] BDO has a 24 cooldown after leaving a guild before you can join another. Are you currently on cooldown? No i currently am not.

    [5] Any acts of hacking, cheating or botting will result in immediate removal from the guild and banning from all future LotD chapters. Do you have a problem with this stance? I do not condone to any forms of hacking, cheating or botting.

    [6] LotD uses TeamSpeak and requires members to regularly be a part of the chapter and community. Please understand that we expect our members to be in TS whenever you they are in-game to be a part of our community. Do you feel that this may be an issue? I am usually online most of the time. Even when I am not around my computer will be on sitting in the AFK channel.

    [7] Are you 18 or older? I am older than taylor swift

    [8] Castle wars are on Saturdays at 9PM EST and VERY important to us. Will you be able to regularly attend these wars? I place castle wars in high regards for this game. It is an important event that only happens once a week.

    [9] How did you hear about us? / What made you decide to apply? Ive always known about LOTD. Its about time I stopped being a lonewolf
  2. Rhyha Dude looks like a lady

    Can you add a screenshot of your gear?
  3. Georgetta Gear Level 9000

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  4. feijai808 New Member

  5. Georgetta Gear Level 9000

    Hi Archer,

    Your a couple points shy from the GS req - but we have a wait list at the moment. I'm assuming since you are so close, you would be able to get those points by the time you are up :)


    Approved! Next, we would like to setup a time to conduct the duel assessment with you. Its nothing to worry about, you don't even have to win! We just like to screen applicants to make sure they know how to play their class. Please let @Ydd , @Fly or @cata know when you're ready/available.

    However... Due to high interest, our main war squad is completely full and you will need to wait in our waitlist until a spot opens up. We offer an overflow guild (with guild buffs) for you to wait in if you'd like. Pending completion of the duel assessment, you will be a full member of our community (full access to the forums, TeamSpeak, open world PvP together, etc). As spots open up in LotD, we will move the highest gearscore/level player into the guild.

    Unfortunately, we cannot accurately estimate how long you will have to wait to get into the main squad. We hope that you'll join us in TeamSpeak (and our overflow guild) and start being a member of our community today! Let us know what you decide.
  6. Rhyha Dude looks like a lady


    Let's get the duel assessment taken as I think we'll have a spot for you on Saturday. When are you available?
  7. Vulrin BDO Chapter

    For what its worth Archer was a solid member of AVYSSOS back when we were all in it before we came over to LotD.
  8. Georgetta Gear Level 9000


    Tried to contact you in game last night, bud. You still interested? We need to get your duel on xD
  9. Rhyha Dude looks like a lady

    @Vulrin do you know how to contact Archer?

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