Chronicles of Elyria - The Next Big Fantasy MMORPG?

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    Dev Journals:
    Design Journal #1 - Introduction to Souls
    Design Journal #2 - Soul Selection, Destiny, Achievements, and Soul Mates
    Design Journal #3 - Time, Aging, and Offline Player Characters
    Design Journal #4 - Incapacitation, Spirit Walking, and Permadeath
    Design Journal #5 - Families & Family Selection
    Design Journal #6 - Character Customization and Bloodlines
    Design Journal #7 - Contracts and Player-Created Professions
    Design Journal #8 - Character Roles and Skill Advancement
    Design Journal #9 - Crafting & Professions
    Design Journal #10 - Maps, Cartography, and Navigation
    Design Journal #11 - Equipment & Inventory
    Design Journal #12 - Identity, Disguises, and Reputation

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  4. El Topo Lord

    Kickstarter ends in 20hrs and the game is well above its goal. Look forward to playing this in the future.
  5. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    Nice! It's like Elderscrolls and Neverwinter had a baby :)

    Hopefully they make some progress with the game - the combat looked terrible. (yes I know it's early pre alpha, but if you show it - its out there, good or bad)

    It's been a while since we've had a big MMO really nail action pvp combat.
  6. LaMagra Lord

    Been watching this for a while. Kickstarted it, so hopefully they live up to their hype!
  7. Icesin Lord

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  8. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    @Icesin holy smokes! you`re alive?!
  9. Glyph Forum Failure

    huh, the aging and dying of characters with them impacting other characters could be interesting. Unless its just a 5% buff to something..then that's a little lackluster.
  10. Icesin Lord

    Yes, barely. I think my brothers kinda wish i wasnt lol. 2016 was one hell of a year.

    I love the concept of this game. I Have put money into it.

    Can find some info here
    on dieing Glyph.

    Yay i get to be a teen again.
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  11. Icesin Lord

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  12. Icesin Lord

    Since LotD has no plans to play CoE. UDL asked that I let you guys know your welcome to join them as a guest for CoE, if you need a guild to play with.

    Some good info, though I think its to early to be completely accurate.

    There is no ocean travel at the start of the game, you need to research ocean faring vessels before you're allowed to go into the sea. Falling overboard is perma death in the open ocean. However there are islands and there in more then one continent. Everyone will start on the same continent, the others will be unmapped.

    Land selection is going to be sooner than we thought.
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