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Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Tabarnakos, Jan 11, 2017.

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    Tabarnakos BDO Chapter

    lack Desert Family Name: Shadowcraft

    Main Character Name: Tabarnakos

    What TeamSpeak name will be: Tabarnakos

    Main Class, are you staying with this class?: Warrior , Yes I will be sticking with the class !

    Time Zone: EST Time

    Screenshot of current gear: ( GS : 477 Total )


    Level: 59

    Referral (not required): Sunlea, StalasQC , Myenvy.

    [1] LotD's Black Desert Online chapter is primarily PvP orientated. The majority of PvE we do is with intent of furthering our PvP prowess. Briefly describe how this approach sounds to you?

    [A] I PvE for PvPing :) !

    [2] We expect (online) members to help participate in Guild Missions and scheduled Guild Events, do you feel that will be an issue?

    [A] Won't be an issue at all I think everyone needs to contribute to the guild progression !

    [3] Is this your first BDO guild? If not, please state the name of your most recent guild and why you're no longer with them. Honesty and transparency is important here, lying may result in removal from LotD.

    [A] No this is not my first BDO guild ... I was previously in FoE and after we disbanded I joined the Rage/Support (Most current guild) at servers merger.I know a few player in your guild and we fought together back when I was in FOE and I have been thinking for a while in joining LOTD. Before Christmas I talked with a couple of your players about my intention in applying for Lotd. I decided to leave Support after Holidays vacations and a 2 weeks break (visiting my parents in my hometown for Holidays) from BDO when I heard rumors about Support and Rage splitting !

    [4] BDO has a 24 cooldown after leaving a guild before you can join another. Are you currently on cooldown?

    [A] Yes My timer will be over in 23 Hours from this Message :p

    [5] Any acts of hacking, cheating or botting will result in immediate removal from the guild and banning from all future LotD chapters. Do you have a problem with this stance?

    [A] Not at all! FUCK CHEATERS !

    [6] LotD uses TeamSpeak and requires members to regularly be a part of the chapter and community. Please understand that we expect our members to be in TS whenever you they are in-game to be a part of our community. Do you feel that this may be an issue?

    [A] Nope It wont be an issue at all !

    [7] Are you 18 or older?

    [A]Yes !

    [8] Castle wars are on Saturdays at 9PM EST and VERY important to us. Will you be able to regularly attend these wars?

    [A] I will able to attend almost all of them. I am an very active players but ill be honest right now I am in the military and it happens on some occasion that I need to leave on some training for a couple days at at time but it doesn't really happens often ( Maybe Once every 2-3 Months !)

    [9] How did you hear about us? / What made you decide to apply?

    [A] Like I said we were ''Allies'' for a long time back on Orwen when I was in Foe and I played a few time with StalasQc at Sausans and I know a few players in your guild that were also in FOE!
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    Rhyha Dude looks like a lady

    Approved! Due to high interest, our main war squad is completely full and you will need to wait in our overflow guild until a spot opens up. This means you will be a full member of our community (access to the forums, TeamSpeak, open world PvP together, etc). As spots open up in LotD, we will move the highest gearscore/level player into the guild. Unfortunately, I do not have an estimate on how long you will have to wait to get into the main squad. We hope that you'll join our overflow guild and start being a member of our community today! Let us know what you decide.

    Your current spot on the waitlist is #1. (You should not have to wait very long)
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    Tabarnakos BDO Chapter

    Thanks ! :) Looking foward to be playing with you guys !

    Rhyha Dude looks like a lady


    Would you like to wait in our overflow guild? It has guild buffs, etc. (I noticed in your screenshot you're in your own guild.)

    Current position on the waitlist: 1 (the guy in front of you is getting in today)

    Rhyha Dude looks like a lady


    Actually, we've got a spot for you now!
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    Tabarnakos BDO Chapter

    Awesome ! Just got back from work Logging in right now !

    Rhyha Dude looks like a lady

    Whisper Zhyha, ZapBean or Gettaknight for an invite
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