First 'Scratch Build' F-18 Hornet Propjet

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Was about 25 pieces to make, I used 6mm Depron foam - here's a really early on shot of the top and bottom



It has a 36" Wingspan and it's 38" Long.
2200KV Brushless outrunner motor
spectrum A5100 reciever
4x 9g hobbywing brass gear servo
2 and 1/2 sheets 6mm Depron foam
and a good few hours of manufacturing and assembly.
Cruise speed 75+mph - Dives 95+
Turnegy nano-tech 3s 1600mah lipo battery packs

I use a DX6i Radio for my planes. So far I really like it, it's nice and smooth and you're able to take the back plate off and adjust all the tension plates for everything on the radio, really great to be able to do it so easily.

All in all the jet is about $50 worth of stuff and probably 15-20 hours worth of work up to this point, taking my time. I'm sure once I build a few different planes/jets I'll be less worried about fucking something up but for now, I'm taking my time with it.

I plan to fly it a few times and if I don't turn it into a pile of confetti, I'll give it a nice paint job and shelf it - since it's my first ever build. I'd really like to hang on to it :)

After I get done with this one and get to fly it, I'll update the blog with maybe some video of the final jet and it's maiden flight.

That all for now! :)

Thanks for reading.
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