Life is Feudal MMO Map Surface Resource Locations

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The goal of this project is to figure out the resource problems with the current map. Below is a standard template for players to fill in the appropriate info, so I can review it at a later date. I will be verifying the the surface resources per server block myself starting on Server Block 1 and ending with Server Block 49. This will take a long time, so any help I can get from the community would be great. Please post your feedback below. Already you can see that certain server blocks are lacking in resources. For example Server Block 10 is almost devoid of any useful resource, and the player count on that block reflects its uselessness. Now I know that the Developers have tweaked a lot of surface resources since last beta, and you can see these tweaks have changed the world map significantly. Hopefully they continue to make tweaks to balance the map in terms of its surface resources and topography, which I'm sure they will.

Now I know the developers have talked about how some server blocks that seem lacking on the surface might have more rare resources buried below, but that still remains to be verify. My main concern with lacking server blocks is that players that join the game late will have a very hard time making progress and end up quitting. Hopefully trade and the addition of Wagons can significantly reduce this problem in the future. One can only hope.

Server Block - [#][Region Name][Land Types -Island/Mainland/Coast]
Average to Sea Level - [+#]
Tree Patches - [#Large/#Medium/#Small]
Tree Types - [Apple/Birch/Elm/Hazel/Juniper/Maple/Mulberry/Oak/Pine/Spruce/Willow]
Clay Access - [# of Clay Deposits][Location or Server Block]
Flint Stone Access - [# of Flint Stone Deposits][Location or Server Block]
Rock Access - [# of Rock Deposits][Location or Server Block]
Sand Access - [# of Sand Deposits][Location or Server Block]
Granite Access - [# of Granite Deposits][Location or Server Block]
Slate Access - [# of Slate Deposits][Location or Server Block]
Marble Access - [# of Marble Deposits][Location or Server Block]
Soil Access - [# of Soil Deposits][Location or Server Block]
Fertile Soil Access - [# of Fertile Soil Deposits][Location or Server Block]
Forest Soil Access - [# of of Forest Soil Deposits][Location or Server Block]
Barn Animal Access - [#Pig/#Boar/#Sheep/#Ram]
Coop Animal Access - [#Chicken/#Hare]
Stable Animal Access - [#Horse/#Stallion/#Cow/#Bull]
Wild Animal Access - [#Wolf/#Moose/#Hind/#Deer/#Bear/#Sow]

Server Block 1 - Island 1
Tree - 25%[Large/Medium/Small]
Marble - 2%
Rock - 10%
Sand - 10%
Clay - 10%

Server Block 1 - Island 2
Tree - 25%
Rock - 15%
Slate - 5%
Marble - 1%

Server Block 29 - Island 16
Tree - 10%
Rock - 10%
Sand - 10%
Clay - 10%
Marble - 4%

Server Block 36 - Island 20
Tree - 20%
Clay - 10%
Rock - 5%
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