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  • El Topo
    Blog: El Topo's blog. By El Topo at 7:14 PM.
    Introduction The goal of this project is to figure out the resource problems with the current map. Below is a standard template for players to fill in the appropriate info, so I can review it at a later date. I will be verifying the the surface resources per server block myself starting on...
  • El Topo
    Blog: El Topo's blog. By El Topo at 5:47 PM.
    Balenos Region Olvia Contribution Quest Chain 120/5/AE - Olvia - Chiara Coop - [Alchemy] Chiara's Hide Treatment 120/5/GE - Olvia - Layen - Old Tree 40/3/GE - Olvia - Kebira - Treatment for Bison 40/3/GE/PE - Olvia - Jerry - Making a Saddle 120/5/GE/PE - Olvia - Buntt - Daily Training 120/5/AE...
  • El Topo
    Blog: El Topo's blog. By El Topo at 3:50 AM.
  • El Topo
    Blog: El Topo's blog. By El Topo at 11:42 PM.
    General Stat Maximums Enhancement Maximums Resistance Maximums Gear Sets Base DP Maximums Accessory Belt AP Maximums Accessory Belt DP Maximums Accessory Necklace DP Maximums Accessory Necklace AP Maximums
  • Sanjo
    Blog: Sanjo's blog. By Sanjo at 2:04 AM.
    It seems like it took forever for Spring to get here this year in Michigan. I suppose it did give me more time to build and tinker with shit before immediately setting off to destroy it - so that's ok I suppose. I'm starting an aerial mapping/surveying/site inspection with a friend and neighbor...
  • El Topo
    Blog: El Topo's blog. By El Topo at 8:19 PM.
    Glish LadyTopo - Donkey Heidel MissTopo - Donkey Central Guard Camp MsTopo - Donkey Velia LordTopo - Donkey Trade1 - Trade Wagon Four - Lvl 20 - T1 - White - FHorse Western Guard Camp LadyTopo2 - Donkey Second - Lvl30 - T2 - Light Brown - MHorse Keplan First - Lvl 26 - T1 - White -...
  • El Topo
    Blog: El Topo's blog. By El Topo at 9:54 AM.
    Black Stone (Armor) = 190k - 275k Black Stone (Weapon) = 250k - 400k Ancient Relic Crystal Shard = 300k - 360k Forbidden Book = 300k - 375k Memory Fragment = 200k - 300k
  • kylemills
    Blog: kylemills's blog. By kylemills at 8:31 AM.
    smartphones and tablets have become an important part of life. Its spread has not only the work, communication and human interaction affects also how we relax, travel or spend waiting time has changed. We get information from the go, buy and control things, snap and share photos. And we play....
  • Sanjo
    Blog: Sanjo's blog. By Sanjo at 7:38 PM.
    Some pics of my Summer/Fall projects. Lots of time outside this summer, needed a break - and got a great one. [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] (in the far kayak) [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] (newest addiction FPV) [IMG] [IMG]
  • Sanjo
    Blog: Sanjo's blog. By Sanjo at 1:42 PM.
    Just ordered it yesterday! It was on sale from $399 to $259 to I picked one up (shay's the best!) [IMG] Specifications: Wing span: 1850mm/73in Length: 1765mm/69in Wing area: Engine: 30CC Empty weight: 2900-3000g (6 pounds is 1/2 the weight of a typical 70" plane) Radio: 4-6Channels...
  • Sanjo
    Blog: Sanjo's blog. By Sanjo at 4:39 AM.
    Was about 25 pieces to make, I used 6mm Depron foam - here's a really early on shot of the top and bottom [IMG] [IMG] It has a 36" Wingspan and it's 38" Long. 2200KV Brushless outrunner motor spectrum A5100 reciever 4x 9g hobbywing brass gear servo 2 and 1/2 sheets 6mm Depron foam and a good...
  • Sanjo
    Blog: Sanjo's blog. By Sanjo at 10:30 PM.
    I've recently gotten into flying. This is my first plane, I went with a more advanced '3D' style plane since I've gotten a bunch of hours logged on the simulator (lulz) I can actually fly pretty good considering I've only actually flown this thing a handful of times. I went out today but it's...
  • Calebreth
    Blog: Calebreth's blog. By Calebreth at 5:31 PM.
    First Impressions from an outsiders perspective before I played: I heard a lot about Wildstar and I'll be honest everything I heard was "Bad". It's just like WoW, it's a WoW clone, it's WoW 2.0. The graphics where bad, too cartoonie, its even worse than WoW. At that point from what I heard I...
  • Sanjo
    Blog: Sanjo's blog. By Sanjo at 2:02 PM.
    Archeage NA Alpha Test Feedback Preface: I am a seasoned, veteran gamer by definition. I started off back in the early 90’s with a little 8-bit game called Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds and have played countless MMO/FPS/RTS/ games since then. I have been fortunate enough to get this invitation...
  • Sanjo
    Blog: Sanjo's blog. By Sanjo at 1:50 PM.
    To start off you’ll need to create a Google Drive account. You can get one of your very own for free over at Once you're logged into Google 'Drive' you’ll have the option to ‘create’ with a red button on the left-middle of your screen. [IMG] The drop down will have all the things...