1. First Impressions from an outsiders perspective before I played:
    I heard a lot about Wildstar and I'll be honest everything I heard was "Bad". It's just like WoW, it's a WoW clone, it's WoW 2.0. The graphics where bad, too cartoonie, its even worse than WoW.

    At that point from what I heard I formed my own opinion on it and chose not to get involved and to stay away from it. Why would I want to play another WoW? Time went by and I started seeing more and more advertisements on Youtube and on different gaming sites. I finally saw the Warplots video and that caught my interest more than anything else. I got myself a key and then this happened.

    First Impressions from an outsiders perspective after I played:
    Some of the rumors were true! It is a lot like WoW. But is that a bad thing? Almost every game out right now is like WoW or has taken something from WoW and made it their own. Wildstar has done just that. Instead of making a really dark and dreary realistic type of game like the ones we have become accustomed to. Carbine Studios has brought to life a new world similar to WoW with its bright and vibrant colors but with the updated graphics of Swtor. The game is run on a very similar engine if not identical. I would compare it to a Swtor before I would say its just like WoW. The difference is that Wildstar does not have the involved voice over stuff that Swtor did. I find that to be a good thing. I don't know if I could sit through that many cut scenes again.

    Graphics: I-7 2600 and a ATI 6950
    I played on Medium settings and was getting about 35-50 FPS in fights and about 25 fps while streaming. You notice the colors right off the bat with Character customization. The world is very colorful, very cartoonish, but very well put together. The world is very immersive and grabs your attention at the amount of detail that has been put into everything around you.

    Noobie Experience:
    Started off playing what I felt would be the best class that fit me, a Spell Slinger. Its a mage type of class that is highly mobile and does large amounts of AoE damage. The game started me off right in front of the first quest. I was very happy with how easy it was to see and follow along with the story line. The quests were easy and the gear that they gave you was more than adequate to do the job. They really teach you what Wildstar was going for with the Telegraph system in the beginning part of the game. I was able to complete 1-6 for the first time in about an hour and 10 minutes. After I did it a couple times I was able to get to 6 in about 30 minutes.

    Meat and Potatoes:
    Once I hit 6 is when I queued for PvP because that is the earliest you are able to queue for PvP. I jumped right in and was boosted up to level 14 just like everyone else in the battleground. The higher level that you were the more access you had to your classes abilities. A level 14 was going to be able to do more damage and healing that a level 6 because he had better abilities and gear. The Telegraph system that they use puts three different colors on the ground. Red is the bad stuff, Blue is your offensive attacks, and green is your heals. It is very easy to see and your job is to stay out of the red as much as possible and put your blue on the enemy and the green on your teammates. It sounds easy right? Well it is pretty much that easy. The entire combat system is based off of Telegraphing colors on the ground. The complex part is the different abilities that each class have. Some classes will stun and daze/slow you so you can not move out of the bad red stuff like you would want to. The longer you stay in the red the less time you are alive. There are huge aoe fights that happen everywhere and it is very difficult to try to follow the Telegraph rules. You can be focused down very quickly if your teammates are not there to help you out with heals or stuns. I really enjoyed this part of the game being a Spell Slinger because that is what I specialized in, applying pressure to large groups and making the healers work their asses off to keep their teammates alive. Ultimately the damage grew to be too much and they would have to choose who to keep alive longer. It was always a battle of attrition, who could stay alive long enough to kill the other players. I was able to get to level 18 in this beta event all while playing multiple characters trying to figure out what I would like to play for release. I could have easily hit 40ish if I wanted to power game and just do it.

    I did get a chance to play all the Races and all the classes here is my take on them.

    The Exiles are the Rebelion of the game. The people going against the Law trying to do their own thing.
    Human - Self Explanatory
    Granok - big rock looking guys
    Aurin - little mouse/kangaroo looking creatures
    Mordesh - Space Zombies!!!

    The Dominion are the Empire of the game. The Law makers, always trying to be better than everyone else.
    Cassian - Closest to human you will get on this side
    Mechari - a robot looking race similar to Mordesh but not as cool. Too much metal imo
    Draken - the Illidan of Wildstar, horned creatures that look like a devilish being
    Chua - Little fat mice/rats

    There are six classes and each class can fill different roles. There are three Healing classes, three tanking classes, and three damage classes.
    Spell Slinger - a Mage type of damage dealer who does massive amount of AoE but can still take down single targets fairly quickly. They are highly mobile which makes it easy to get behind your target for free critical hits. Alot of run and gun with this class and my favorite! They also have the ability to heal but i didn't do that too often.

    Warrior - a Meat Shield that can pack a punch if they want to. The can tank damage or deal it they have gap closers.

    Esper - a Mage type of damage dealer who is not very mobile. A lot of their spells require them to stand still. Although they have short cast times I found that it was very difficult to get a cast off with out getting my face smashed in. This class is also able to heal and I found that in PvP it was better for an Esper to heal than to do damage.

    Engineer - a tanky gun carrying wrecking machine. they have the biggest frontal aoe cone damage out of any other class. They wear heavy armor so they take less damage and can still bring the pain when they need to. Can either tank or Dps

    Stalker - the rogue class of Wildstar, they can tank or do massive amounts of single target burst. This is currently the most op class in the game under level 20. I'm sure that when end game pvp is presented stalkers will not really have a good place in a group other than scouting and defending points because of the large AoE battles.

    Medic - a tanky healer? yes that is exactly what a medic is although you can dps the amount of heals that you can push out to a group of people is redic. I expect this to be the most popular class come release of the game.

    Paths: each is different and offers a different play style tunes to what you wish your character to be.

    Explorer - name says it all, you explore shit. Unlock jumping puzzles and hidden pathways though out the game

    Soldier - there are little terminals through out the game that you click on to fight a group of mobs and gain xp. I chose this on all of my characters this weekend because it was the one I was most familiar with.

    Settler - These guys are the crafters, they build everything in game

    Scientists - these guys will make the consumables from what I understand. Seems to me that it would be a bit of a grind and not something I would like to do.

    Player Housing:
    I have not felt like this about player housing since Star Wars Galaxies which in my opinion did housing correctly. Wildstar makes player housing accessible to everyone. At level 14 you get a quest to do some miniscule tasks and after you get your very own house! This was one of the best things about the game, everything is customizable and the coolest stuff for your place is looted in the world around you. The things you can do with your plot of land are endless.

    This is the best game I have played in over two years. The PvP is very fast passed and skill based. If you are not on your toes and not willing to work with your teammates you will not be winning many battles. I'm an avid PvP'r and the draw of Rated Arenas, Rated Battleground and Rated Warplots just turn me on. It's everything that a PvP personality like myself wants in a game. In my opinion if you consider yourself a good PvP'r with in LotD you NEED to play this game. There is enough player killing opportunities in this game to keep anyone occupied for years. The one big thing that any PvP'r will tell you is that they are always looking to get an edge over their opponents. The easy way to do that in this game once you hit max level and get to end game is through the 40 man raids of both PvP and PvE. In order to get the best defense and offense you will need to complete the PvE content and kill the boss. Then you will be able to add that 40 man PvE raid boss to your PvP battle. Your opponents will have to also contend with the raid boss along with the players trying to kill them. This game has the most potential to last than any other game out there on the market. So many players are looking for a well put together game that is not for the carebears and I can honestly say that this is the game Lords of the Dead has been waiting for. A game like this will not only put us back on the map it will engrave our place in history.