📣 Welcome to LotD’s Member Spotlight! 📣 This week’s spotlight is on Marley The Mongolian Moose (you have to say the whole thing!)

How long have you been in LotD? 

I think I joined in 2010, so, almost 12 years now. Joined up at the tail end of Darkfall, but it was when it got switched to Guerilla Warfare, Furyos harassed me to join for a long time and in the end it was a good decision. I originally didn’t think it would be for me because in my mind LotD was a huge guild and I wouldn’t have enough people to kill.

What games are you playing right now? 

New World, hardcore, I haven’t played a game this hard in a long time. Most people who have played with me will all say that I take my sweet time leveling to max.

What is your all-time favorite game? 

I am torn here, CS 1.6 was one of my all-time favorites. Ultima Online would be a close contender. And, original ArcheAge. UO and AA had that griefing capability that I love in MMOs.

What do you like most about LotD? 

It’s a great community. People are helpful. People are friendly. And, we play competitively, the majority of the time we are winning, and we aren’t usually trash talking over it. People strive to be better. But, we aren’t so hardcore that you get thrown under the bus if you lag behind.

When do you have the best time doing in games? 

Fishing. Crafting. Gathering. That’s my jam.

No, not really, I hate that shit, I appreciate all of the people in the guild who put a lot of time into that. It’s a sacrifice I’m not willing to make. PvP, sieges, griefing. I enjoy challenging PvP. Mostly something with a bit more tactics to it, where you need to work together as a team and have different roles doing their tasks. I don’t mind not getting top kills, or doing top damage, I want to win as a team. Playing with like minded people who also want that type of gameplay. 

Favorite gaming memory?

Tough choice. There are a lot of great memories. Three come to mind though.

I think Ultima Online, I ran with 4 people, 3 people I went to University with and some random guy we met. We were on a custom shard and 3 of us cast Flamestrike on top of some person who had been given a custom mount, a unicorn. We were in Britain and of course we got guard whacked. But, our 4th player had maxed out animal taming and lured the unicorn away to a house and boxed it in until it went wild. He then tamed it. He would then ride it around town in front of the person we killed. The GMs accepted it because we didn’t exploit anything.

ArcheAge had a ton of great pirating moments though as well, my favorite moment is probably when we were attacking some galleon and they logged off to escape giving us their packs. I found their public voice comms and pretended to be a new recruit to listen to their comms.
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/47660583?t=0h12m49s — This is when I joined their comms but the whole thing is there

I played WoW back in vanilla and one of my friends got killed by a hunter a few times. I corpse camped him for a few hours. I was a university student so I had tons of time. Years later, I was at Thanksgiving Dinner with some friends. One of their significant others brought her brother. He started asking me about WoW. He asked what side I played, horde… he played alliance. He asked what I played, feral druid. He asked what server, Proudmoore, he also played Proudmoore. He asked what my name was “MarleyTheMoose”. He stopped and said “You’re MarleyTheMoose? You killed my friends for hours and stopped us from raiding. You killed us so many times.” His sister told me that he went home to tell his friends that he had met me.

Are you a dog or cat person?

Dog, easily, hands down. <– [GETTA: Right answer! 🤣]