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Diablo 3 - Season 5 is in full swing - Right now! [​IMG] The leader boards are populated, the loot is 'phat' and there's a clear sign that this season - has been the most popular yet with LotD! We have a group of 20+ players that play regularly, at all hours of the day and night - pushing rifts higher and higher, on the mad quest for epic loot! Where to find LotD Diablo III Groups:
  1. Join us in Gamevox :
  2. Get in our Diablo III channels
  3. Find groups, and rank up on the leaderboards!
Are you playing Season 5 and looking for a fun and skilled group to play with? - look no further! And... if you are still on the fence - this is a great video explaining how all the classes play out this season. Also it's important to keep in mind - we can power level new players to 70 in 15 minutes - and you'll be in 4 piece set armor by the end of your first 30 minutes of playing! They've made it even easier to hit the ground running, no ridiculous grinding to get started - just log in and have fun! All the classes got a fantastic new set of armor - lots of viable new builds for even more variety and ways to play the game. We have a great thread with plenty of info on builds, the battletags of everyone playing and lots of general info on this seasons journey/conquests: The recent patch 2.4.0 update detailed that Season Legendaries are being removed, and that by...