New World Recruitment

Lords of the Dead (LotD) is seeking more players to help storm towns, siege forts, pillage dungeons – you get the idea! If a great night sounds like kicking back and causing mayhem with your buddies, then this may be the place for you!

We are a PvP guild, but we do some PvX activities too. Expect to see:


  • Organized PvP (sieging towns / forts)
  • Spontaneous PvP (because the best pvp is surprise pvp!)
  • Dungeons (indoor / outdoor)
  • Crafting (who doesn’t like fishing?)


A little bit about us – LotD is an active, multi-gaming community that has brought competitive gameplay to online games for over 25 years. Through our rich history, our members have conquered everything from castles to the high seas. We have the right balance between seriousness and shenanigans. Come check us out!