Elyon Recruitment

LotD is an active and focused multi-gaming community that has brought competitive gameplay to online games for over 25 years. We are seeking those with a guild-first mentality who are PVP focused and want to achieve greatness in Elyon.

We are currently recruiting mature and able players who not only want to be part of our Elyon chapter but also be part of a long standing and established community of players from around the world with a deep and rich history.

You are a competitive player & PvPer who knows their class very well and is constantly working on their GS and skill.

What do you get?
Access to a 25 year old gaming community with a rich history stemming from Darksun Online renown for its PVP and PVE activity.

A solid group of dedicated members that have a common goal of ensuring the success of any chapter we dive into, achieving the goals of the chapter, and seeing it out to the very end.

A structured Discord with utilities to help you succeed such as announcements, guides, dedicated class channels, and documentations.

Who to contact for additional information?
Please send a direct message to: Region#5513 [LotD GM] or Jeno#0666 [HR/PR Recruitment Lead]

Note: We do not zerg recruit and an interview plus a PvP trial will be held to determine if you are suitable to join LotD.