Retired RCoD

Warlords and Elders who have retired from their position retain their rank of “Retired RCoD” and are given due respect and gratitude for their previous contributions to LotD. If a Warlord or Elder is no longer able to fulfil their responsibilities (i.e. inactivity, unable to sponsor chapters, etc.) they may voluntarily petition for their retirement. […]


Lord is the second rank within LotD and is granted through an appointment process. Criteria Currently holds the rank of Lord. At least two chapters in good standing with the guild. Demonstrates knowledge of guild bylaws and Game Chapter structure. Repeated contributions and continuously works to make the guild a better place. Examples include (but […]


Lord is the lowest rank within Lords of the Dead and is granted through an application process.


Warlords have shown dedication to the guild and possess strong leadership skills. Although they participate in the Ruling Council, they do not have the same voting rights as Elders.


The rank of Elder is given to veteran guild members who have proven their worth by participating in our community.

Assistant Guild Master

The Assistant Guild Master is the second-highest-ranking officer and is responsible for assisting the Guild Master in the execution of their duties.

Guild Master

The Guild Master (GM) of Lords of the Dead is the highest-ranking officer and administrator in the guild.