📣 Welcome our next to LotD’s member spotlight! 📣 This spotlight is on Devilman! Devil joins pretty much every MMO we play and is a solid member of our community. He’s held several leadership roles in these chapters (including AGM for me in BDO!). If you want some funny stories, ask him to tell you about stealing packs in Archage.

How long have you been in LotD?

September 15th 2014.  8 years.  A few days before the release of Archeage.  Us rookies Guilford and Krevix cut our teeth.

What do you like most about LotD?

The gaming community.  I love how we try to cut the bullshit and just game.  We are all here for the game and not any of the other bullshit happening around us.

What games are you playing right now? 

BDO.  We need a new mmo to sink our teeth in.  Here for the social aspect.  Thanks Nurse 😀

But my all time favorite is original Counter-Strike.  It started me on the gaming path and got me hooked!

Do you have a favorite memory from Counter Strike?

Only picking one?  I would have to say beating up on the professional Counter Strike player at a Lan tourney on Aztec Bridge CS.

When do you have the best time doing in games? i.e. PvE, PvP, sieges, small matches, etc.

I am a pvper at heart and love the small scale.  I do understand that certain game are played other ways and can play the pve game if it has the content, but give me the pvp game and we make our own content.

Ok, So tell us a little bit about Archage. What was your favorite part?

Archeage pack stealing was so much fun.  I would sit there for hours stealing people’s packs.  I stole the first merchant for us in archeage.  They cut the corner on a safe zone and bam.  2 of them off the boat with me on the wheel.

Whenever you think back on Archeage, what jumps out as your favorite memory? its ok if there are a few

I can tell you our organization of Archeage castle plans was crazy.  Our plans were insanely organized and a lot of it got thrown out the window due to server lag.  I remember Zaltex buying up ore for us and trying to tame the shit show of finding our group.  The ups and downs during combat.  Us losing our pack and trying to find who stole it.  With foe grabbing it and joining our guild to place it.  It was a crazy ride to remember.

What notable accomplishments did we do in this game that you think people should know?

Honestly it was the connections we have made through gaming. 

The downs of gaming:  Nightbloom and her cancer fight.  Nurse and her fight against cancer now.  The disappearance of friends Sloth and Caddy. The anger and the fights between people.

The highs of gaming:  Server firsts when it comes to castles, sieges, and the legacy of our domination of foes.  The people you meet who stay on and play with the guild.  The comradery that happens during our gaming.   These are all the things people should know that LotD has accomplished as an organization.  

If you had to go bury a body in that game, who were you grabbing to come help?

Kejo would be my first option.  Just make sure he isn’t occupied texting some girl.  Jbigg would organize everything down to what dirt was best to bury the body and the bail out after he figured it all out.  😁

Cynical would just tell me I am a dumb ass for having said body and yell at me while he helped.

What was a typical night like for you while gaming?

I enjoy the social aspect of the game.  I look to find someone on discord to bs with while we play the game we are enjoying.  I love to ask questions and also answer questions.  We get to experience the game together and figure it out.

Are you a dog or cat person? There is only one right answer

I like dogs.  Always had a family dog and still watch my parents dog.