📣 Welcome to LotD’s member spotlight! 📣 This week’s spotlight is on one of our Elders, Lakez. Lakez is one of our primary shot callers, strategists, and makes a pretty damn good turkey. 🦃

How long have you been in LotD?

I joined a LotD chapter in Guild Wars 1 to strictly do GvGs when Joe Hostile was running the chapter.  At the time I had no clue what LotD was about but came back when LotD was making groups to play in League of Legends.  We competed in several tournaments including one conducted by Alienware.  We placed top 32 out of a couple thousand!  That experience was a lot of fun!

What games are you playing right now?

I currently play New World by Amazon Games Studio.  I gave it a try over a couple betas and was skeptical, however playing with friends at a minimum is always a reason to give games a shot.

What is your all-time favorite game?

Guild Wars 1 was my favorite game of all time.  It was the first time I was introduced to Arena style combat.  What I loved most was the 8v8 GvGs.  The comprehensive builds, although tab target, involved skill interupts, spiking, pressure, and overall tactics.  The micro in that game was what made it fun for me.

What do you like most about LotD?

It’s nice to be in a guild that puts the guild first.  Everyone works to help each other, and you build a core in every game that strives to play all aspects of games from competitive PvP to casual fun.  At the heart of LotD is a group of people who just genuinely love PvP.

When do you have the best time doing in games? i.e. PvE, PvP, sieges, small matches, etc.

I enjoy everything from arena combat to large scale PvP.  I am a competitive spirit so when games allow for meaningful combat that builds up to big fights, I still get butterflies in my stomach beforehand.  The uncertainty and pressure to do everything correct is fun for me.

Favorite gaming memory?

Some of the best times I had with LotD were the large pressure fights in Black Desert Online, where politics was just as much PvP as the PvP itself.  Some of the sieges we had were pretty epic.  One that comes to mind was a Christmas Eve fight (?) where we fought a guild called Barcode.  For whatever reason, we had a pretty decent turn out of players and were able to fight off guilds on multiple fronts and pull out the victory.  From that day memes started flying off the press about LotD, claiming we were a Brazilian Jew guild who didn’t celebrate Christmas due to our turn out.

I also really enjoyed the non-gaming efforts I’ve done with a LotD Elder (retired) Valor.  We ran a podcast that covered the kickstarter and early development of Crowfall.  The hype and expectations around that game was a fun environment to be around.  Also, the direct line of communication with the developers gave me hope Crowfall was going to produce a quality game.  As of 11/14/2021, there is a LotD chapter still playing CF, go check them out!

Link to Podcasts: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/4367-crowns-and-crows-a-crowfall-podcast-and-livestream/

Are you a dog or cat person? There is only one right answer

Dog!  Why is this a question?

GETTA: Lakez helped me save Thanksgiving one year. I don’t remember why – but I had to make the turkey one year and I have never cooked one before. So, Lakez hooked me up with an easy Turkey recipe that turned out phenomenal. It involved A LOT of butter (makes everything better).

A few years later, I was watching a cooking show and the way Lakez told me how to put butter under the skin is apparently the “right” way to do it. Literally me… with longer hair.

Leonardo DiCaprio Pointing | Meme Origin | Once Upon A Time in Hollywood  (2019) - YouTube

I got a bunch more Lakez stories. But – good dude, always puts his brothers and sisters first, and is a fantastic general.