📣 Welcome our next to LotD’s member spotlight! 📣 This spotlight is on Wooglin, who recently helped lead our Crowfall chapter. He has a lot of PvP stories, Shadowbane shenanigans, and wants to know if you have heard about Costco Chicken. Personally, I prefer their hot dogs. 🌭

Tell us about your favorite part of gaming (and your favorite MMO).

My favorite part of gaming, especially when it comes to MMOs is the combined elation when your group of friends accomplish something big that nobody can deny – especially as the underdog. Being outnumbered and being an important part of the reason a PvP encounter is successful is hard to beat. The camaraderie that comes after things like this is what makes a PvP MMO so special IMO.                                            

I think of it like a team celebrating a win in the locker room for a sporting event. Even the losses can lead to a larger joy by adapting and overcoming the original issue.

My favorite MMO of all time was definitely Shadowbane. It was a product of its time. The idea of having player-built cities all on one large world that could be…

  • Sieged and destroyed
  • submitted and forced to pay taxes
  • full loot PvP with only 3 safe cities

…made it incredibly exciting for a first foray into real PvP pc gaming.

If you had to go bury a body in that game, who were you grabbing to come help?

Well, you always need one person for lookout and another to help with disposal. Xpade is definitely going to help me with the body while Meanstreak keeps his keen eye out watching for the coppa’s. Three Amigos meets Goodfellas.

What was a typical night like for you in a game?

What is typical about my gaming nights is to expect the atypical. I can go from Pineapple Express goofy, joking around all the time to Apocalypse now mentality – as happened when leading Crowfall chapter.

One night I went off on some people for straying from our hiding spot, giving away where we were before hitting a fort screaming “Are we addicted to being fucking stupid tonight”, only to be followed up by my RL brother Furio saying “well Wooglin can do this”, making it into a funny moment I can’t escape now. I still blame you Devilman 🙂  (Getta: Agree, 9 times out of 10, it’s usually Devil’s fault)

Tend to try and get in with open world PvP and keep Xpade alive so I look good…. I know who’s coats to grab on! I enjoy goofing off though and having a good laugh, hopefully at the enemies’ expense, but definitely at times, my own as you can see from earlier.

Whenever you think back, what jumps out as your favorite gaming memory?

Some of my favorite gaming memories were from Shadowbane. Furio and I waded smack dab into the middle of a zerg with the newly discovered “FighterLoc” class making us essentially unkillable at the time. We just went absolute Sauron on people smacking them down left and right. We must have had at least 40 people around us, not being able to kill us, as we had some pretty damn good healers and it felt pretty amazing.

Another amazing experience in Shadowbane was trolling the crap out of Covenent of Swords. They sent an all call on the server to find and kill me. I had pretended to group up with them and farm all the way to max level (which was hard as a thief because nobody trusted you). I then proceeded to steal ALL the valuable runes collected from backpacks, a Seed of Life off the party leader who wasn’t paying attention, and ported out leaving them high and dry.

Also had a nice experience stealing a commander rune off of the leader of UDL at the time, Stargodz’s. He had been camping for hours awaiting the mob spawn. In fact, I ran into him in Crowfall and we had a laugh on the memory.

Also … lets be real, once Sentinel class was released, running into a zerg suicide bombing was purely amazing. I had a Centaur Sentinel named Trump who would yell “you’re fired” (from The Apprentice) as I ran into the zerg blowing up… Little did I know the future, lmfao.

Shadowbane is what ignited my interest in MMOs and open world PVP. It is where I first came in contact and played with LotD.      

Rediscovered the fun and guild in a different way playing Archeage original release and met some of my better gaming friends possible that I still play with to this day. Was happy to have some of them present even in Crowfall with us. The camaraderie of the guild means so much to the memories/

What notable accomplishments did we do in this game that you think people should know?

I feel the most notable accomplishment I’ve had with LotD was in Crowfall. We took a MUCH smaller crew, navigated alliances carefully, and with some luck… ended up in FIRST place overall as a guild, not just the alliance. So, as a very small guild, we were first on the leaderboards while controlling an entire Continent/Zones Castles and Forts. This was all when the game had notable opposition in its early days and hadn’t been abandoned yet by most guilds. We hit hard and fast and stayed in control.

It was hard fought and was only accomplished due to the adaptation of our members. They showed the ability to listen, adapt, follow shot calls, and never hesitate.  This could not have been accomplished without group skill. We outfought enemies many times our numbers and learned some hard lessons early in the campaign. But we adjusted our strategy and dominated groups that had previously rolled us up like sushi. I was incredibly proud of our chapter, and they were all respected and feared by enemy guilds when seeing the LotD tag.

Huge shoutout to guys like Lastwish, Lightdark (at times Lastdark and Lightwish 😛 ) Devilman, Solracs, Jbigg, Remec, Mange, Bizzaro, Paleone, Linc, Asim, Drazaga, Nomack, Fohmyn, Xcamr, Advent, our sponor Piikaa – and of course Xpade, Furio, and Meanstreak… and so many others, but these were standout members.

We even had dedicated guys to crafting/gathering our resources like Lord Smooches, who we took out to PvP and get his first blood which was fun stuff. I know I’m leaving off some names and I feel bad; but I tried to remember best. It was a true team effort that ended in the highest level of success attainable within Crowfall. Very proud and learned a lot on how to lead. Also, couldn’t have done this without Xpade assisting me in leadership, he really busted his ass for all our benefit.

Also, to all our CF members, “Have you heard about Costco Chicken” (Getta: Is this why someone asked me to make a Costco emoji??)