02/19/2015 - Physics + Double Archetype Drop!

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    Hey folks,

    A few items for you today!

    - First up, TWO new archetypes for you! The Elven Frostweaver, and the Guinecean Duelist. Both of these narratives provide a few more clues about the Crowfall universe, and (in the case of the latter) probably make a lot more sense given Tuesday's update about our Worlds being destructible! That said, only the Frostweaver has a screenshot -- and that is because...

    Next Tuesday at 2:00pm CST, we'll be doing a twitch stream of the creation of the Guinecean Duelist character model! Our friends and partners at OMNOM workshop (who we rely on heavily to help us sculpt our game characters) have graciously offered to allow everyone a chance to see how the sausage is made. In this case, the "sausage" is a talking guinea pig with the saber and a flintlock pistol.

    - Additionally, we've added another FAQ to the website: Physics! This one covers the physics model that we're using to model movement (and gravity, and inertia, and momentum...) in the Crowfall universe. What is a physics system, how does it affect gameplay, and how can I use it to my advantage?


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    Is that a mole?
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