$1 Million, 10,000 Backers, Time For Bonus Rewards!

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    What a crazy week.

    We just crossed two huge thresholds: our first stretch goal, $1 million in pledges (which will will use to hire an FX artist, and to add female centaurs to the game!) and of equal importance -- maybe even more so -- we've rallied over 10,000 backers to our banner... in a little over one week!

    That's unbelievable. Thank you.

    So, what's next? Great question!

    It's time for some bonus rewards!

    First up, we've decided to start adding BACKER stretch rewards!

    Here's the first one: at 12,000 kickstarter backers, we're going to give EVERY BACKER a unique All-Father statue to display proudly in their Eternal Kingdom! This will let visitors know that you were here, and supported Crowfall, from the beginning.

    Second, as you know our next stretch goal is MOUNTS & CARAVANS. I know what you're thinking: that's cool for the game, sure, but how does it benefit ME?!

    Well, here is your answer: as soon as we hit that next stretch goal, we're going to add -- for no additional cost to our new or existing backers -- MOUNT FIGURINE rewards to the following tiers:

    At the Backer level, you get a rare magical QUARTERHORSE summoning figurine!

    At the Bronze patron level, you ALSO get a rare magical WARHORSE summoning figurine!

    At the Silver patron level, you ALSO get a rare magical NIGHTMARE summoning figurine!

    These figurines are inventory items which allow you to conjure Spirit mounts from the Eternal Kingdoms -- and turn them back into figurines, when not in use.


    Remember, each higher pledge level inherits the previous rewards -- so a Silver backer (and every level above Silver) will get a Quarterhorse, a Warhorse AND a Nightmare figurine!

    This is just the beginning, folks! We have a lot more surprises coming for you between now and March 26th.
    From all of us here at ArtCraft Entertainment:

    Thank you for supporting us, thank you for letting us make this game for you -- and please help us spread the word!
    Remember, every new person you introduce to Crowfall gets us closer to both our 12k backer goal and our Mounts and Caravans stretch goal.


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  2. Glyph Forum Failure

    I think getting caravans would have been sweeter to get in before female centures... But that's just me!

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