10000 alpha slots were added after alpha sold out.

Discussion in 'Star Citizen' started by Soth, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Soth Administrator

    It has been announced that the alpha slots for star citizen are nearly all gone. Something like 3500 were left a couple days ago, and those 3500 will be gone very soon.

    If you want to help us out in alpha, you better get your procrastinating ass in gear and make a pledge.
  2. Ren Elder

    And yes this qualifies as a "Pee vee Pee" title...
  3. Viphre Lord

    lol, but yea at the end of this year the PvP(Dogfighting) module will be released and so we can test the pvp aspect of the game the more people we can get to test with the better.
  4. Viphre Lord

    Last 1500 alpha slots going, its not certain nor has it been mentioned that there will be more slot available in the future.
  5. Soth Administrator

    looks like they've added 10,000 more alpha slots. No need to panic :p
  6. Ren Elder

    With $38 million crowdfunding so far they should be able to afford serious server capacity to accomodate those players.
  7. Viphre Lord

    @Soth yea hahah, but at that time no one knew for certain whether or not they would increase the numbers, @Ren is one of the reason they moved the Dogfighting Alpha back a bit, they want to test/build, the actual backbone hardware for the end game product, is one of the many reason I'm stoked for this game, actually prepping the backbone properly.
  8. Dogmatic Banned

    Well if the alpha is almost full, I better buy my alpha slot
  9. Radburn Lord

    I wish I bought when they offered lifetime insurance...
  10. Viphre Lord

    @Dogmatic sup man, there's @10k slots still available so no pressure, but in a couple of months we are "supposed" to get dog-fighting module to play @ with, at the current moment only thing we have is the Hangar module which u can run around in.

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