2 extra drones at the start

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    Extra two workers without making an overlord...

    This is VERY useful trick when you are going for an early expansion (we're talking BEFORE you make a spawning pool.

    When you can't make more drones without an overlord, save up 200 minerals, and then send two drones to make gas stations. Have two drones hotkeyed, and as soon as they morph, make two drones.

    IMMEDIATELY cancel the gas stations. The longer they stay morphing, the more it costs you in minerals. Now you have two drones beyond your overlord minute as you start the game. You will have 300 minerals in no time with the extra two workers. Send a drone to expand a hatchery and then make your next overlord.

    An alternate strat is to then make your first overlord. It will give you a fairly substantial boost on your early game production.

    Next up you'll want a spawning pool to get some static defense up. This is a risky strategy but one that works extremely well in a Zerg/Zerg 2v2. The first zerg player focuses on ground game and puts a few ground static defenses in your base for you, and the quick expansion goes immediately for air / tech.

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    Extractors are only 25 minerals now. So you would only need to save up 150. Anyhow, I do a variation of this for almost all the zerg builds I use. I build an overlord on 10/10 and while its morphing, save up 75 minerals and do this little trick to get 11/10 it keeps you building drones and gives a little econ boost since you waited one on the overlord.

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