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    State of the Guild 2014

    It is time for the annual LotD guild update to outline our activities and initiatives for the 2014 year. Gaunsaku still has the day to day oversight of LotD until August 2014, and Hades will begin to increase his guild involvement over the months ahead.

    LotD has now entered its 19th year of existence as an MMO guild, and it is engaged in casual gaming and beta testing efforts at the present time. Over the course of 2014 those activities are expected to continue until some worthy games come along that warrant a more organized and hardcore approach. Welcome to 2014, and below are highlights for the year! Like anything else, conditions may change as opportunities arise!

    LotD Membership Poll 2014/2015

    LotD members in good standing need to VOTE on the LotD Future Games List 2014/2015

    2014 LotD Games & POC's

    Wildstar POC: See the LotD Wildstar Forum

    League of Legends Season 4 POC: See LotD LoL Forum

    LotD Rust Effort POC: See the LotD Rust Thread

    Marvel Heroes POC: Soth / Check In at the LotD Marvel Heroes Forum


    Shadowbane Emulator Project POC: Contact Furyos

    FFXIV POC: Sign up via the LotD FFXIV Forum

    Game Options for 2014/ 2015

    Members in good standing are encouraged to remain active in the guild during downtimes, and a major way to do that is by being a member of the LotD Beta Squad.

    The LotD Beta Squad POC is Del, so please PM him if you are interested in participating.


    The MMORPG.com games in development list highlights several games that LotD has an interest in playing in the future, and I invite everyone to keep an eye out on our General Gaming Discussion Forums for notices, updates, and potential testing opportunities from our gaming leads.

    Membership in 2014

    LotD accepts new recruits and new members when it plays games officially, or when it plays games it intends to play officially. Join our forums and network with our members ahead of time!

    Gaming News and Updates - LotD Home Page

    We added news feeds from major gaming networks to help keep our membership up to date with the day to day news about games, guilds, and the gaming industry. Please be sure to check it out!

    Let's have solid 2014, and continue to reap glory and kill shots for LotD!!


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