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    The LotD evil empire is still going strong, after 22 years, and the guild will continue its long tradition of gaming excellence into another year. LotD was founded as a Player vs Player (PVP) guild to compete in the massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) genre, and it has enjoyed more than 20 years of MMORPG competitive gaming. Many current and former members of LotD have contributed to its success, and our team based leadership structure has provided a stable organizational environment to grow and develop many generations of guild leaders. LotD always adapts to its gaming environment, and we organize to win year after year and game after game.

    MMORPG Landscape 2017

    During LotD's first 15 years the MMORPG gaming environment rapidly changed, and quality MMORPG games were a dime a dozen. We would frequently enter a game, spend about a year in it, accomplish the guild objective, and go on to the next game. The MMORPG genre itself, after World of Warcraft (WoW), became very clone intensive, and most games over the next 10 years did everything possible to copy WoW. LotD had to become more selective about the new games it sponsored so that its members could continue to experience that "new game feeling" when we went to something new.

    Between 2016-2018 the MMORPG new game offerings have slowed down significantly, and we have seen the rise of "Kickstarter", pay to play, format for new games in development. The days of "free beta access" are essentially over, and we have to spend more time evaluating future games before we issue the call to our members to open their wallets or purses. The net result is that we're sticking with existing games longer, revisiting old fan favorite games, and only identifying games that we have a serious intent to play in the future.

    The LotD leadership understands that the slowdown in new game launches creates a slowdown in guild activity. However, we highly encourage our members to create gaming groups, within our community, to enjoy the various MMO/MOBA games, while we all await the next big thing.

    Be sure to keep an eye on them if you aren't playing in one of our current chapters.

    Click here talk about current and future games in our General Gaming Forums

    Current LotD Games

    You can find discussions about our current and future gaming efforts in the LotD Official Games Forum.

    Black Desert Online - Current
    Final Fantasy - Current
    Crowfall - Future Chapter
    Camelot Unchained - Potential Future Chapter
    Ashes of Creation - Under Evaluation

    LotD is always checking out gaming news, and a new MMORPG can always pop up on our list if enough member interest is generated. We encourage all of our members to post on the forums to keep us up to date with things, and to flag new games for consideration.

    Concluding Thoughts

    Be sure to check in on our forums for the games you want to play, and to get updates from our leaders who are leading those specific chapters. 2017 seems to be a maintenance year, and a period of game testing and feedback for our future games. When Crowfall goes into a permanent alpha/beta phase, we will notify those members so we can begin to get organized for some serious group testing.

    Until then, feel free to visit us in Discord, our forums, or our official guild threads out there in the various gaming communities!
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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by Hades, Jun 4, 2017.

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