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    LotD's Lord Crownjaw Greets You!
    2019 ushers in a new year for LotD, and the MMORPG gaming landscape continues to move in many different directions. LotD, founded in 1995, is moving into its 24th year in 2019, and you can still find us kicking ass and taking names in the online gaming space.

    Like most guilds we have migrated a lot of things to Discord, but, like any solid organization, we still maintain a core website to display our history. That said, let's get on with what LotD is doing in 2019!

    Where to Find Us!


    You can find LotD pretty quickly by joining our general Discord chat server. You simply follow this link ( https://discord.gg/jnZTSKc ) , and it will put you in our general lobby.


    Please take a moment to follow the LotD Facebook Page! ( http://www.facebook.com/lordsofthedead )


    Lastly, be sure to follow the LotD Twitter page: ( https://twitter.com/lordsofthedead_ )

    On With the Games!

    LotD is officially working towards launching Crowfall as its next gaming chapter, but we are also constantly evaluating other games as well. Camelot Unchained has potential as well, but it still seems to be pretty far off with a public release schedule. Now that things are more Pay to Play in Alpha and Beta, we have to be more selective with where we are putting our time and our money.


    You can stay up to date with LotD Crowfall announcements by keeping an eye on our forums ( https://www.lotd.org/forum/crowfall.732/ ), LotD Discord, or LotD social media updates. The game is making regular progress, and LotD expects to begin ramping up a normal guild presence there as Crowfall gets more polish on it.

    Keep up with Crowfall announcements on our forums: https://www.lotd.org/forum/crowfall.732/


    A group of LotD are playing Atlas, and the best way to link up with us there is to join our Discord server to request access.


    Minion Masters is a MOBA, and it is a free to play download on Steam. If you like to play MOBAs and 5 minute matches appeal to you, then Minion Masters might be a good game to play. The ranked leagues reset on January 1st for the 2019 season so it is a good time to get in and play some ranked stuff.

    We'll update this post over the course of 2019 to include other games as they generate interest for the guild.

    Again, join us in Discord if you want to catch up. We have members playing all sorts of games to pass the time so be sure to catch up with everyone even if you don't have a favorite MMO.


    Lastly, LotD may consider forming a stream team. The LotD Stream Team would likely be a crew of LotD members who leverage their gaming experience to chat about hardware, stream gameplay of various games, and of course stream our official efforts. Drop us a line here or shoot me a private message if you'd like to participate.

    Best wishes in 2019, and we hope you all have a successful year!

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