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Discussion in 'Ranked Ladder Discussions' started by Furyos, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Furyos Warlord

    Turtle as two terrans. Win by gayness. Ommerta and I got to high gold 2v2 and are above 0.500 as zerg / protoss.... we haven't lost yet as terran/terran.

    GFG Marines + Battlecruisers > All
  2. Koribundar Inactive Chapter Member

    Take out expansions, starve them, eat turtle soup.
  3. Hades Lord of the Dead

    You need to come try some of our 4 v 4 teams when you get a chance.
  4. Furyos Warlord

    My new thing is Hellions + Air.... its stupid good. Fill two bunkers at the choke to help my partner's defense, nearly as fast as marines, move

    2 filled bunkers + 10 hellions = 0 gas (except for the double pump factory)
  5. zeta Lord

    If you're going that many hellions, you probably want to spend gas on the infernal preigniter too.
  6. Furyos Warlord

    Yes of course. The build I do is the following:

    Barracks + Tech Facility
    Build Factory, place onto Barracks Tech
    Research preigniter while making a hellion,
    Build double pump addon on barracks
    Make starport, when preigniter is finished, liftoff and land on the double pump barracks, and put the second starport on top of the the barracks tech facility.

    It's really amazing how much time you can save by flying your buildings around. I was shocked.
  7. zeta Lord

    Yea, I'm playing Terran now as part of my master plan to play random in my 1v1s... I'm playing around with a hellion/thor build against zerg, who mostly go muta against me as Terran...zergs, banelings, drones just spontaneously combust when my hellions get near, and mutas get owned by Thor aoe...it's great.
  8. Furyos Warlord

    I've found recently that a quality 2v2 Terran vs anything is amazing... Thor's are highly underrated... and you don't need to bother with too many upgrades at all.

    The key is to have 4 factories by the time you get your expansion rolling, and 6-8 end-game. Can pump marines as support troops if you have insane minerals.

    The only thing bad about terran is that you need to tech for your build -- either air or ground. With two terran players, its GG. One goes for factory / ground upgrades, the other makes a shit ton of Vikings and pushes for BCs end game.
  9. Hades Lord of the Dead

    The only problem with the guy tech'ing air is if he gets double teamed early before you can get over there to save him.

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