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    LotD's ESO Chapter 30 Day Announcement! Read about the latest news in this update!


    LotD has had our ESO chapter up and running for 30 days now, and we've been enjoying the game. Our mission statement has been hardcore pvp, and while hitting level cap has slowed us down a bit, we are finally getting the majority of members to the level cap and hitting the PvP more frequently.

    In the weeks to come we will be looking to schedule even more PvP events. Check out some of our previous pvp nights in our video compilation here.

    For me personally, I am enjoying the fact this game has taken a step off the beaten path; I don't feel like I am playing the same MMO with just a new name. The skill system harkens back to Ultima Online where a mage or rogue can wear full plate and wield a 2 handed sword. Character building has always been one of my fav. aspects of a pvp game, and there is plenty of strategy required here to build a great character.

    Another great feature is this game's ability to get 100 players on screen and fighting at the same time with a high frame rate! We were marvelling at this last night on our pvp event and despite the issues remaining to be addressed with the game, this achievement is outstanding.

    We're still going strong in this game, and getting ready to ramp up for more pvp with more complex group builds. Come join us if the DAOC type of game appeals to you - RvR hasn't been done this well ever before.

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