30 Days of LoL

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by Niir, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Niir Elder


    We've had great fun and good success the first month of our LoL Chapter. Many friends have been met and we're looking forward to meeting many more. A consistent 15-20 players are online on unscheduled nights, our activity level is shining. Total chapter roster is in the mid-20's, and more people are joining daily! An increase of our player pool will occur over the next month as we advertise recruitment on various LoL community outlets. Our goal is to form a solid League of Legends Community. A home where players can join together, play some good games and have a laugh with friends.

    Our two ranked teams are shaping up to be great competitors. Both teams have been practicing weekly and succeeding in most of their matches, achieving a win rating of over 50%. As the month progresses, our teams will be working hard to increase their ranked ratings. And with the bigger pool of members we plan to have after our recruitment drive, LotD may consider adding a third ranked team to the chapter.

    Keeping competition up, we held a CS competition for our members, "The Great CS Race". It was a close one but Jbigg was able to hold off Lake with a total of 133 cs to 126 cs in a 10 minute period. Jbigg was awarded a $20 RP card for his achievement. We intend to have more fun events and prizes for our members on a monthly basis. Who doesn't like free stuff?

    Those who are interested in coming to play with us, please don't be shy. We have many different levels of players and will always welcome a new player with open arms. This game is friendly to all styles of players, casual or hardcore. With nightly play, LotD is able to cater to everyone equally, giving all of our players the ability to play together as one guild.
  2. Cedwyn Banned

    Good to hear things working out. Any major competitions coming up that lotd is participating in, would be fun to watch twitch/hear Cale's girly voice again.
  3. SatanicPro Member

    We have been taking part of the alienware arena tournament, which can be found at http://www.alienwarearena.com/
  4. Hades Lord of the Dead

    I'm just casual but man I have been kicking some ass with the S3 Garen build. I like Amumu and Darius too, but I can't seem to find a caster I really like.
  5. SatanicPro Member

    You should add me and play some games, IGN - SatanicPro or you can tell me you're IGN
  6. Lake Warlord

    We're currently r79 out of 588. We're almost high enough to make the qualifiers of top 32. I stream the matches at twitch.tv/lakelol , we have a match this thursday at 8 CST.
  7. BioGyver Member

    Hurray for LOL Chapter!
  8. Ren Elder

    Cool branding logo skull with the crown (eg "lord") jawbone. Who developed it?
  9. perilX Administrator

    If only someone had made a thread about it or something.
  10. Yearn Lord

    Over the years I've watched Peril slowly evolve into ever more of a sarcastic ass. WTG brosef. Btw, dig the logo brah.
  11. MarleyTheMoose Radiohead Superfan

    Is this type of language allowed in LotD? Next he'll be calling us Brahs of the Dead
  12. wielkiwojownik New Member

    I too started with Amumu. He is very powerful but need to know how to use his powers. I am too new and have been reading the Amumu build guide & will be implementing the strategy in my next game.

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