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Discussion in 'Ranked Ladder Discussions' started by Hades, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Me, Kori, Meph, and Jady are working our 3v3 team. Me, Sal, and Jady need a couple more matches to rank.

    Anyways lets discuss some good strats.

    Last night we focused on doing 2 terran marine rushes while one guy went air. We would seek to quickly take out 1 guy, and whittle down another one.

    When we stayed aggressive we won, and when we dallied too long we lost. I think our stats were fine, but we need to work on timing.
  2. Koribundar Inactive Chapter Member


    That's it in a nutshell. Being able to produce the first force, move it out, control it while getting the 2nd wave ready to rush in.

    It'll come in time.
  3. Cedwyn Banned

    While I don't play SC2 yet, I've seen some interesting VODs where you have a terrain seal off their base and only harvest (using their mule advantage), then send the resources to one of their allies, who either creates a massive tier1 force, or techs up to units that you don't see to the end game. Though I've only seen it on maps where allies are very close to each other. Sounds like a lot of fun.
  4. Koribundar Inactive Chapter Member

    I dunno. At minute 8, when the 2 void reavers show up, and happen to hit that base, you've still only got the equivalent of 3 forces, and now you have nothing to prevent that base from going bye-bye.
  5. Furyos Warlord

    If StarCraft II is anything like SC I (which it clearly is from a guy watching video perspective) there are a few absolutes to victory.

    I moved this one up: Your build orders should be known by every member of your team. Practice time-based attacks plans. Figure out a 5 minute attack build, a 7 minute attack build, a 10 minute attack build, etc. Pick the one that seems to work best for your team in SC2.

    Generally, your better off in 3v3 with 2 of one race and your 3rd partner with another. What this allows you to do in medium-long games is for the two of the same race to essentially split their roles and upgrade faster than your opponent. having a ZERG for the third race used to be deadly. if you could defend the zerg from getting raped early on and give him an early expansion (or two) the game was over.

    placement of your teammates is a critical element for victory. if you are all close, get your troops to the choke point asap. man there's so much i could type but its getting late.....

    I played starcraft pretty much with every spare moment i had for three years..... this is sad but true.

    1a) if you scout the enemy that is "by himself" and get 3-4 of each troop there early in the game you will nearly always take that person out. Generally, CHOOSE SOMEONE OTHER THAN TERRAN. Terran bunkers are a death trap. Toss cannons (assuming they still have them) will rape as well.

    1b) defensively, there's a lot you can do with one or two cannons early in the game. as long as they can't be "run through" by the enemy you can protect your workers pretty easily with one defensive building. If you get pro at cannon building, you take the center of the map with impenetrable wall of cannons and hope they don't drop on your base

    2) zerg are ALWAYS weak at the start. if they don't have a defense building early or even if they do, and you have heavy armor troops (think zealots in sc1) . i.e. you can always 3-rush a zerg.

    3) be prepared to jump ship if you are terran. sometimes a counter-attack will come in while you are raping one of the third opponents, get your scvs to safety and fly your base to an island fast.

    4) upgrade your combat abilities BEFORE you update the damage/armor/etc. bonuses. What this means is Zerg speed or shot distance is more valuable in the early game than +1 damage per hit.

    5) hotkey your ranged attackers. learn to focus fire by fighting computer targets or getting a custom map that requires it. know the distance of the attack. you'd be surprised how well kiting works in starcraft. just make sure that you have your scvs/drones/etc and your damage units pumping out.

    6) if you have a lot of minerals you will lose. spend everything fast

    7) make more workers. two workers for every mineral, and make sure there's one at the gas waiting to get in for when the other leaves.

    8) have one person go air defense. in SC1 I used to make Corsairs in team battles. I could effectively wipe out any air attack, and the disruption web negated any ground forces when we moved in.

    9) disruption, energy drain, whatever you can.... find one thing that is battle changing and get a build that brings it up fast.
  6. As a terran player I have to disagree with 1b, Fury. The terrans have a wide selection of units which can bypass static defenses. The only really effective defense against them is turtling up and covering your entire base, and I mean EVERYTHING, or creating some sort of rapid responder that can chase them off before they do any serious damage.

    Hades, I think another thing we need to work on is coordinating our intel war and harassment tactics.

    Reapers work well for me and Kori early on, but it doesn't take long for an experienced opponant to put up a defense against them. He and I need to evolve those tactics a bit. They're a good early game gambit, but we should evolve our tactics as the enemy evolves his.

    Intel, we REALLY need to work on this one. We've gotten better. But one game in particular comes to mind. One of our enemies was a terran player and not only did we allow him to build a battlecruiser fleet, we all overlooked that fact until right after I had commited my vikings elsewhere, which gave him his opening once I took significant losses. A simple sensor sweep could have noticed his 8 teched up star ports but neither I nor Kori paid him any attention until it was too late.
  7. Koribundar Inactive Chapter Member

    Yeah, as protoss, I'm going to start with getting an observer ASAP. That early intel is crucial. Plus, if they sneak in with the dark templars, i'm ready.
  8. Scouting is extremely important in this game.
  9. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Yes Yes, we're all noobs and need to improve.

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