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Discussion in 'Ranked Ladder Discussions' started by Hades, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Our 4 man started out well last night, and then we lost 3 in a row to basically cheese shit. The problems we are having are when some player gets up a stalker zerg, and reaction time when one of us gets ganged up on early. The only other real problem is when we have 2 zerg opponents who get in and destroy our Protoss player in the early game.
  2. Koribundar Inactive Chapter Member

    I've been thinking about that.

    I know we like to do the early push. But I'm starting to think of doing the fast zealot build, for early defense. Teching up, then doing the first push.
  3. LaMagra Lord

    I think that in both the 3v3 and 4v4 games, doing the early push is fine but after the second early wave if we haven't significantly crippled our opponents we need to switch over to a more long term goal and start building/teching up.
    I'd say after we hit the 5-7 minute mark it should be fairly easy to tell how things are going. Even if they are going well it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to maybe designate one guy to go ahead and keep harassing, or just everybody send a hand full of units together while leaving the main force behind for defense/counter attack purposes while the rest beef up their forces.

    At some point the harassment fellers could easily throw up a starport and get some cloaked banshees going on. Seems like we have typically forget about this option. Cloaked units can really mess an opponents army up, especially when their army is out of their base. Also the other thing I have noticed is when we get into the long game we typically fail to throw up detector units/anti-air turrets. Seems like only about 20% of the games this is an issue but in those 20% we typically lose due to cloaking or lack of antiair.
  4. Furyos Warlord

    4v4 RTS is all about 1) knock someone out fast and then 2) choose one tech each that complements each other.
  5. Koribundar Inactive Chapter Member

    Waiting that extra minute before the push, just to make sure you have everything under control pays off in dividends.
  6. Yeah, I kinda hate the pile-on thing that can happen.

    I was watching the replay of the last 4v4 me, hades, lamagra, and jady played last night. Even though hades got knocked out early if we had done things differently we might've still won.

    The other guys weren't pros, they just dominated the economy... because we let them. Jady pretty much did well, but the pressure got to me and Mags. Because of constant pressure on our expansions we got limited in the scope of our economy.

    Hades got knocked out early because of the triple marine spam. Thing is, the three terran players had all their units in the field, and were mostly sitting ducks. Other than a little harrassment we failed to do anything about it.

    I got chased off of resource points early and made the mistake of assuming they were being watched, I lost a good 5-10 minutes that could've been used to land that second center. Had I done it earlier and put up a third starport I could've done more.

    Lamagra was turtled up, which held off a wave or two early on. But at one point they were massing anti-air ground units right outside our collective base, had we been more proactive in scouting this could've been noticed early and we could have seen this coming before it hit critical mass and knocked out those units with an assault of our own.

    At one point the other team expanded like crazy, all of which were highly undefended. Had we been keeping an eye on things we could've stopped this or at least slowed it down.

    It was also a mistake to give them uncontested control of the xel'naga towers.

    So, the main lesson for the day is scout scout scout. Find that weak spot and take advantage of it.

    Oh yeah, if you read this Mags.. upgrade your damn battlecruisers with Yamato cannons. (they woulda been a big help in that cruiser vs cruiser fight) ;p
  7. Hades Lord of the Dead

    I told you all repeatedly last night that we were not being aggressive enough, and that we were not coordinating our attacks. That is why we went 1-4 on placement matches, and until we get more aggressive and coordinated then our record as a team won't be so hot.

    We can't sit back and wait like that or good teams will pile on and take someone out. While they were massing on me if you 3 had gone off to take out one of the other players while they had no defenses it would have knocked 1 or 2 of them out immediately.

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