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    5.3 test launcher is now accessible if you have Alpha 1 or better access.

    Skills are now divided into professions, race and class. VIP is not available in the test server so you still have to decide between combat, crafting and exploration for now. The race and class trees look cool but in the beginning you will just be training race and class basics so there is plenty of time to try out different class and race combos before you start specializing.


    A few hours later, I check and see that I gained 1 point on my skills. My skills were not training but I gained TIME BANK which I was able to use to speed up my training later.

    time bank.jpg

    Right now the elf races aren't done so Druid is not available in this test server. Most of the other race class combos are ready to play.


    Bare handed harvesting does approximately 22 to 39 damage. Tools do 85 damage and 127 with crits. The class race combinations do not appear to make any difference in damage to nodes. All basic tools can now be crafting from wood only.


    Seems they forgot about the pip bar for elken templars.


    The cleric is in game but there doesn't seem to be a basic weapon available for this class.


    If anyone is interested in testing the new 5.3 test server, poke me on discord or message me on the forums!

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  2. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    Cleric has access to one handed hammers (crafted an advanced one earlier). Maces and Hammers are a different thing now.

    Elkens walk like they have a stick up their ass.

    Humans get an extra ability slot AND an extra passive slot , which makes it perhaps one of the better choices for classes which struggle with bar diversity / options (like knights, templars and clerics).

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