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Discussion in 'Crowfall' started by qberto, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    So I at least pulled up the skill tree for 5.4 last night. I notice my 5.3 training does not transfer to 5.4. Did I do something wrong or how will this affect me once 5.4 goes live. I have 5.3 fairly far and started training 5.4..... which on takes precedence!

    I’ve also started amassing +36 tools and higher as they are easy enough to make now. I just sit in my EK and mass produce them. Mass producing slag advanced items isn’t an issue either. I have made so many I have some with all pips amazing or great now and the base damage is pretty nice.
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  2. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    I'm a bit confused by your question but I think I understand the problem.

    The TEST server and LIVE server are totally separate games. Which means that any training that you did on the LIVE server is not transferable to TEST server. Any items you have on LIVE is also not transferable to TEST. They are two completely separate games. The LIVE server is currently version 5.34 and TEST server is currently version 5.42.

    We made a decision as a guild to only play on the LIVE server since the LIVE server has a 24 hour/7 days a week campaign. We only use the TEST server to see what is coming down the pipeline to see what changes will happen to the LIVE Server to prepare ourselves. I created this thread because we noticed they removed recipes on TEST server 5.42 and we wanted to make sure we could make advanced weapons in case they implement this on LIVE. Does this answer your question?
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  3. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    Absolutely. So anything everybody does in test will be lost and live will upgrade patches and become 5.4.
  4. qberto Crowfall Leadership


    The TEST is its own game. Everything you do in TEST is saved on to TEST. Once TEST upgrades to 5.5 and beyond, you will still have the skill points in TEST. All the equipment you have on TEST is saved unless they do a spirit bank wipe.

    Everything you do on LIVE continues on LIVE. The only reason to play TEST is to check out the upcoming changes.

    This means you need to train alchemy on LIVE so that you are prepared on LIVE to craft alchemy based items. You can also train Alchemy on TEST or you can train something else if you want to test something else out. Maybe you should train jewelcrafting so you can preview that on TEST once it comes online since it will be implemented on TEST first. :)
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  5. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    So apparently we have to make crafting stations in order to unlock our trained recipes.

    crafting station.jpg

    The crafting station was easy to make but I was unable to place it anywhere in my EK.


    Skill training on TEST is again bugged.

    skill training.jpg

    Please continue to update me on your crafting recipe skill progress!

    This 5.3 campaign was extended one more day until friday.
  6. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    Fastest way to get into your crafting discipline is to do 4 pips and move to next skill
  7. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    duo training enabled.jpg

    Dual training enabled. Make sure you train crafting plus combat or gathering.
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