90 Days of League of Legends

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    We would like to congratulate our League of Legends members on hitting the 90 day mark of the chapter. This is the first time LotD has ventured off of the MMO genre with an official chapter. We've had some bumps and we've suffered our bruises, but we are still here and still dominating. We are maintaining a weekly schedule of competitive games with one of our teams, LotD Crown, achieving Silver Division 1 after their placement games. We have people playing ranked games on a daily basis, honing their skills for advanced team play. There is always room for improvement and we believe our players are on the right track.

    The changes in Season 3 have strongly motivated our players to grind for individual goals and aspire to new levels of greatness. Our chapter currently houses a few players that have achieved the prestigious ranks of Platinum and Diamond. This coming month we will be holding a 1v1 tournament for our members. The rules are yet to be determined but the winner will receive a $20 Riot Point gift card. We are still looking for more active members to join our community. If you would be interested in enjoying this game with a community or if you think you can roll with our tier of ranked players, please feel free to check us out at apply here.​

    League of Legends is growing even more popular now that the LCS is in full swing. There have been many great events over the past month with many more soon to come. These events are all broadcast live on YouTube and TwitchTV with play by play commentary, just like your favorite sporting events. This seasons current stats can be found here for NA and here for EU. Come join us in the quest for the cup!
  2. Kotoll Lord

    Actually been playing this while I watch Darkfall and the utter stupidity of AV.
  3. Obitrice Warlord

    I'm looking forward to watching some videos/streams of the guild 1v1 tournament!
  4. Darksjoy Member

    I have played LoL for over 2 years before I started gw2. There is something about this game that makes me rage inside.
  5. SatanicPro Member

    Can't wait for the 1v1 tourney

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