A Quick Guide to Easy Set Dungeon Masteries (with a friend)

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  1. This is a great writeup on how to complete the mastery dungeons (with a buddy)

    Legacy of Raekor

    You: This one was very easy. The less damage you do the better. Use ground stomp to group up the enemies and then charge through them. Always go the direction of the most enemies. Then charge until you have 5 furious charge stacks and then hit an enemy. Repeat until you have objectives complete.

    Friend: Just follow the person, always stay about a room behind. The map is a rectangle. Your job is to clean up and kill every minion.

    Immortal Kings

    You: This one was the easiest set dungeon in the game.

    Might of the Earth

    You: This one was not so bad. With a high dmg weapon and crappy gear those little imps should die slowly when you jump on them. Just leap on to them whenever you see a pack. The elites must be hit in the correct order of skills. You need to hit Leap first, then Ground Stomp and then Earthquake. You'll need Lut Socks for this one. Try not to miss an elite. You should focus on finding them while you leap around on the little packs of imps.

    Friend: Your job is to clean up the minions when the barbarian is done with them. I say done with them because you should not kill the little imps when there is the cold leap spell on them. This greatly shortens the timer and makes it pretty hard to complete the freeze and kill objective. You also need to be intuitive. There are a lot of monsters on this one. You'll need to clear the areas the barb completely skips and also clean all the other minions. I thought this one was kinda difficult for the helper.

    Wrath of the Wastes

    You: This one took some thinking because even with those regular WW set swords I was killing them too fast to rend. What I ended up doing was crafting two level 24 mighty weapons and doing it that way. The skills you need to take are the sprint rune that knocks them out of the way and movement speed spells. Take the WotB spell with dodge and use the battle cry rune with dodge too. Then take spells to generate fury. Grab the increased rend area rune while you're at it. Fish for a good first room with lots of monsters. My goal was to get three in the first big area and then get two in each of the side shoots before the hallway with the axes. Once you get it hide in a corner and let your friend kill the rest. Probably took me 5 tries with a friend after I practicing by myself while deciding on which runes to take.

    Friend You should be like a bulldog ready to spring out of the cage as soon as the objective is complete. Kill everything and start with the area around your friend.

    Demon Hunter

    You: Take it back this one was by far the easiest. Sit at portal with your three sentries. I had a bombardment rucksack and I doubt I even needed it. Had ingeom in cube too. Was too easy.

    Friend: Just kill everything. This one is all you.

    Unhallowed Essence

    You: I thought you could cheese this one by crafting a level 24 bow and hitting the same pack of minions six times. This did not work at all. It doesn't say it but they had to be different minions. You really don't have to pay attention to your discipline just vault when you need to. There is a prep rune that gives you more max discipline so take that. I fished for a good first room and got 3 off one room. I would take the path that is up and to the left. There is a room in the back you can bank on getting 20 minions in. I also took the bola shot with increased dmg radius to aggro more minions. Try not to aggro too many though. I also was using flag to communicate with my friend. Told him kill everything but avoid my flagged area. Rounded them up with ebola and then completed. Followed up by backtracking and making sure all minions were dead. Ended up finding a 3 pack hidden in one of middle bridges.

    Friend: Just kill everything. I would take the path that is down and to the right. Don't forget to check all the middle bridges.

    Natalya's Vengence:

    You: This one was super easy. Take the longer lasting Rain of Vengeance, put on an obsidian ring and ingeom in the cube. There is a prep rune that restores hatred and a companion that does as well. Just don't strafe the whole time. Easy easy.

    Friend: Just follow behind and kill everything, not too close. After 90 seconds you can go ham. Lots of time here.

    Shadows Mantle

    You: This one was probably the second most difficult for me because I kept trying this one with no dmg. I was super lazy with these set dungeons but please do yourself a favor and stack CHD on everything you can and then throw one of those act 3 cache weapons in the cube. I didn't use a companion here because it kept attacking the minions and damaging them. Take the grievous wounds impale. You pretty much need to one shot everything. Those phasebeasts will teleport in front of you and you'll end up hitting them twice. Those elites vortex you. There is nothing more annoying then being vortexed and then a phasebeast teleporting right in front of your face when you click impale. Have a friend kill the elites as you pass them. Other than that just walk right up to them and impale. Here is a picture of the path that worked best for me. The shadow power is super easy but don't forget about it!

    Friend: Your job is to kill the elites and then finish off the map. If your friend isn't doing the shadow power thing make sure to remind him. It helps.

    Seeker of the Light

    You: All of the sader ones were super easy. Put an ingeom in the cube, put on an obsidian. Take the limitless rune for for your hammers. Jump in, spam your hammers. Have your friend kill the elite (after you've spammed some hammers). Mash falling sword. After I got 2/3 I went off (still had ingeom) and falling sword'd into a pack and spammed hammers and was able to do it three times without help. Think I went and got milk after that and let my friend do the rest.

    Friend: Pretty much kill everything, if your friend is doing what I did then let them get some hammers off on minions. Then kill everything. Super easy.


    You: Another super easy one. I'm not even sure you need the chest that grants thorns equal to your vitality. Cast consecration first then do your iron skin when the elite is almost dead.

    Friend Just follow behind and kill everything. Very easy. Pretty casual set dungeon.

    Rolands Legacy

    You: This is another one where your dmg doesn't matter at all. Someone gave me golden flense while gearing up so I'm not sure if you need it or not. The less dmg you have the easier it is to generate 300 wrath in 10 seconds. Because my dmg was so low I got 5x 300's on one elite. The other objective was pretty easy. I was just wandering around the map, smacking packs and then wandering off.

    Friend: All you this one, I would separate from the sader ASAP and go kill everything in 3/4 the map. Then head back to where he was and kill everything there. Time is tight here. There is a shit ton of minions. Gotta go fast.

    Armor of Akkhan

    You: Another super freaking easy one. I would not recommend taking the vacuum rune here. I ended up failing because I was sucking too many minions into one condemn. You cant reuse them so I was using unleash and just grouping them up manually. Youll need the Frydehr's Wrath shield. BoP would help but its definitely not needed. Pretty sure the other objective is just kill a certain amount of minions with condemn. That one just slowly happens as you work on your other quest. The map is super tiny and there are barely enough minions to complete the 10x12 quest. I would recommend going up then right then down and then left.

    Friend: This one is pretty easy, just wait until he is almost done with his objectives then head out and follow his path.

    Inna's Mantra

    You: So freaking easy it was ridiculous, craft some level 24 weapons. There is a boat load of enemies so just suck em up and then pop off a mystic ally. You can probably do this 5 times in the first 50 second of the dungeon. Then sit back and chill. I tried doing it with some rare to legendary random weps and my mystic allys were killing everything way too fast. You dont need iceclimbers. The elites here spawn cold things so just avoid the freeze explosion bit.

    Friend: Another easy one. There is so much time for you to work because the objectives are so easy. The map is also pretty small, not a lot of deviations and it moves down and to the left pretty much.

    Uliana's Strategem

    You: This one is difficult. I didnt really have any gear. Had a gogok in a ring and then some crappy amulets and other stuff. Got those spirit guards from kadala and that helped with tankiness. You'll definitely need a fire immunity amulet and ingeom in the cube (or actual monk gear). Only other thing I had was a lions claw which I got by upgrading rares I crafted. Also was using string of ears to help. I would fish for a good rift. Try to get one 21 smash in the beginning and then another one in the first fire grate room. If the first room or hallway isnt good I would just restart. The last one you can get pretty easily in the back left room of the map. There is usually an elite in the first hallway. I had my partner stand by to kill that elite and then I sped off towards the back left room (using ingeom) to get my last stack. At this point it was all up to my friend to kill the slow monsters hiding in corners. Completed the objectives three times before he got all the minions. We finally got it though. GG.

    Friend: Pretty hard, Lots of monsters hiding in corners and its a very big map. Don't forget to check in the middle sections of the dungeons. Good luck.

    Rainment of a Thousand Storms

    You: Super freaking easy holy crap what a joke. Had the set on and that was it. Maybe leoric's in cube with a diamond, 100% you need ingeom here in cube. Just go through once to get a good feel for the map and where the chest is.

    Friend: Did this with a Flashfire wizard (woh wizard). He had nem and aether walker in cube. Killed elites count towards the monster count. Just go slow(ish) and kill everything. Check all the inlets for minions. Make your way through the spiral map and hit the speed shrines. Enter the side alleys from the first entrance, kill everything, exit, backtrack to alley entrance to the minions you missed then move on. Took one try.

    Monkey Kings's Garb

    You: This was the last one I did before I got my mastery wings on seasons so it holds a special spot in my heart. Its super easy. You'll need Kyroshiros soul. I also had a jawbreaker here. I just ran into mobs (which causes the set to spawn a decoy) and then moved to another mob. Completed the objective in the first minute or so. Spent the rest of the rift celebrating and the rest of the game insisting my friend closed his eyes before I put on my wings (I know you didn't Kal)

    Friend: There is actually a lot of minions on this one. The map is designed so that there kind of a main square section and then a long hallway that dead ends, so clear everything and finish there. Time is tight here.

    Witch Doctor
    Zunimassa's Hunt

    You: This one was pretty easy but actually took me a couple tries. I did it with a WD who was running pets build. The problem was that he was one shotting everything before I could grasp of the dead it. It became pretty easy once he changed his wep to something with a little less dmg. The other important thing here is to remain between him and the nearest wall. Walk around the edge of this map and then work in. If I remember correctly the map was shaped like two rectangles. Once you get the objective completed stop moving and then let him work his magic. You'll need Wilken's reach.

    Friend: This one would probably be best with the woh flashfire build. Just stay on top of the WD. The most important thing here is to give the WD a chance to grasp em. Whether that is controlled AOE or not one shotting everything before they get to screen.

    Jade Harvester

    You: Legit I thought this was the hardest in the game. Would have been easier if I had the cold immunity amulet or some sort of dmg or tankiness. What I ended up having to do was run into the edge of a pack of those worms, spurt out all my manas worth of locus swarms over everything. I had to focus on not overlapping them, hold down haunt until I was almost dead (you have to kite them while you do it) then spirit jaunt, then more locust if I could, throw in some more haunt. Now hit harvest. I must have been doing something wrong because it felt like I wasnt getting for all the harvest kills when I did this. I also took the harvest rune that gave back health because in packs I was always on the verge of death. If my spirit vessel was up I would go especially hard trying to get everything infected. I would equip string of ears and the cold amulet if you have it. Throw on bane of the trapped. Also had around 400k dps if that helps. This one took multiple attempts where I stuck to the same route each time -- Trying the main box for all of its objective resources and then working up and around the horn.

    Friend: This one requires the same intuition I talked about with Might of the Earth in Barbarian. In my experience with this one there is hardly enough time to kill all these monsters because the map is so big. You'll have to clean up the areas that the WD skipped and meet him in the end to help kill the remaining monsters. You should be in the same area, right at the very end, having cleared the whole rest of the map to complete this mastery with just seconds to spare.

    Helltooth Harness

    You: This one is pretty easy. You'll need Jeram's Bracers and some dmg. Use the rune that encircles them. Try to round them up and then cast. If you don't get it, just move on to the next section.

    Friend: Just follow behind and clear everything up. This was one of the first I did and don't remember having to do it more than 2 times.

    Spirit of Arachyr

    You: Another one where your damage does not matter too much. Just cast the toad, it will passively lick stuff as you make your way to all the elites. I think you'll need to refresh it every so often. Throw spiders at the elite to get it low and then use piranhas to finish it off. I thought I messed it up a couple of times but still got credit. The piranhas might stick around for a little bit after you cast piranahnado.

    Friend: Just stay a screen or two behind the WD and clean up everything. Pretty sure this map has two dead ends so just prepare for that. Not really hard, a slow and easy set dungeon.

    Delsere's Magnum Opus

    You: Sorceress is the class I started out with this season so I had a fully geared DMO build. The only thing I had to switch was EB into Wave of Force: Force Push. However this is one of those ones that you don't need any dmg at all to complete the objectives. Anyway, you can keep using the same poison bees to complete the projectile objective. If you have enough dmg you'll kill them with the skill eventually and you'll have to find another pack. If I were you I would take the electric black hole skill and try to get a healthy mix of little crabs, moon clan warriors and the other guys and then slow time them. This build is super tanky if you have Halo of Aryse and Aquilla Curiass. If you're having trouble clearing, use your flag to mark an area that you think you'll be able to get the third 30 slow time and have your friend clear everywhere else while you try to get them grouped. A good room at the beginning is really helpful. You can get 2 of the 3 completed in the first room if super lucky. Here is a picture of the spots you can almost always get the slow time. If the first room is not good, just restart. Another thing to note is those crabbettes follow you around really well. Just aggro them and walk to a bigger pack.

    Friend: This is one of those ones where you just want to hang a little behind and kill everything that is left. Once the objectives are mostly complete you can start to go and kill stuff instead of just following the wizard.

    Vyr's Amazing Arcana

    You: I got really lucky and this one took me one try. The belt that gives you 60 stacks when you transform is super useful. I didn't save any of the Chantado's set pieces so you can do it without them. I was using ingeom, leorics and obsidian in cube. Just kill stuff and spam buttons. When my archon was down I spent that inbetween time running around looking for the next best spot to start up again. The map is shaped like a rectangle topped with a square. For this one I actually skipped the square part in the beginning and worked only in the right side of the map while my friend cleared the top. When density got low I flagged and went over to left side of the rectangle while my friend cleared up the minions I skipped on the right side. The last 30 seconds were spent trying to find the rest of the minions that were hidden in the little rooms. This one was done with maybe .04 second left. Super intense!

    Friend: This one is pretty easy for you. You start in top most of the map and work down and then go to where your friend is done. Just communicate. You have to be very thorough here and dont miss a single monster when you're clearing.

    Firebirds Finery

    You: This one is pretty easy with a friend and pretty hard without. A problem I was running into is having too much dmg. I had all ancient firebirds gear and was killing the minions too fast before they could burn. I ended up taking off rings and amulet and crafting a rare level 70 wand. I would also use the Slow time movement speed skill and the black hole increased radius skill. Fish for a good first room as its a pretty big map. You want to get most of the meteor kills out of the way with the first room. You can get the remaining 10 or 15 in one of the passages. For the burn you want to get 2 of them in the beginning in the first room and the little room off to the left of the first area. You should be able to get a 20 stack or two there.If you continue going up the map and to the left you'll find a room where you can always get another stack or two. This leaves two remaining stacks you'll get around the map. I would not recommend trying to get a stack in the passages off to the right from the first room. Your friend should clear those and then work after you. With a friend it took me 2 tries. Without I spent 3 hours trying to get it and almost finished with 1 monster left twice.

    Friend: This is another one that is pretty easy. Just put on your fastest build and when your friend is almost done with his conquests you kill all the rest. Just make sure to be semi following and don't miss any minions. If he goes left and already has 4/6 done. You likely can start clearing right.

    Tal Rasha's Elements

    You: This is another one of the easier set dungeons in the game. Just use the Flashfire build and run around. The rockworms are in fixed positions.
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