A Reminder: Treasure Your Loved Ones Always

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tarvold, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Tarvold New Member


    This fucking psycho tried to kill my wife. Just a huge smack in the face how precious life is and the people who you care about are gifts. She is ok, but severely shaken up. I can't even think about what might have been, but I'm just grateful she was unharmed. I just felt like I had to share how this has truly made me appreciate every day I've had with her and every day I will get to have with her. Something I hope everyone can appreciate in their own lives.
  2. This time of year does a great job of bringing the crazy out in people.
  3. Remec Lord

    I'm glad to hear no one was hurt. That is fucked up.
  4. Azaazel Banned

    Wow, crazy stuff happens in today's world. That's why I'm scared to let my kids outside half the time. I'm glad everyone is ok and no one was seriously injured. I hope everything goes well.
  5. Elpis Banned

    Wow that is nuts. Glad she is ok.
  6. Niir Elder

    That's crazy. I'm glad your wife is ok.
  7. Garthilk General Badass

    The most important part is that youre family is okay, the second most important part is "At this point, the sheriff's office said the driver shot himself."
  8. Tarvold New Member

    I really don't feel bad that the guy killed himself. I'm honestly glad. I would be in jail if he hadn't done that himself. It's just so random that we're struggling to wrap our heads around it. Then the sheriff's department release my wife's full name, address, and cell phone number to all the papers so now we have to deal with them about that. We asked that she not be identified for her peace of mind, but I guess they don't know what that means.
  9. Kajo Lord

    Wow, Tarvold, very scary. Glad she's okay.
  10. Anwedie Lord

    Glad she's ok, as for the driver one less scumbag in the world.
  11. Kenai Lord

  12. El Topo Lord

    Happy to hear your wife wasn't hurt. I hope the incident doesn't effect her to much, and she can forget about it in time.

    This is quite an odd coincidence as my cars back window shattered last night while leaving work. It happened on a stretch of road where two mob related drive-by shootings had been committed within the past 3 years. Obviously I knew right away no one had shot at me, but it still seemed odd that it would happen on that particular stretch of road. Now it seems doubly odd. Needless to say 2010 hasn't been my best year, and I hope 2011 brings both of us better luck.
  13. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    here here for 2011... One good year before the world ends.
  14. World end, pshaw. The mayan's just had their major epochs which ended with supposed great changes. The last was the white man. We didn't leave them around long enough to predict what came next.

    (Hint: My taking over the world.)

    If I'm wrong, the world ends the day after my birthday. Either way I plan on goin out with a bang.

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