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  1. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership


    I just purchased a founders pack for Ablion after reading a bit more about the current state of the game.

    It's entering a 3 month long closed beta Monday November 23rd and after that it will enter open beta. I expect server wipes between now and release so don't feel rushed to join or buy if you would also like to play.

    My goal with playing the closed beta is to figure out if Albion can be a good semi-casual competitive PvP game for LotD. Off the top of my head it has:
    1. Territory control
    2. Full / partial loot PvP
    3. Hardcore crafting / gathering
    4. Limited skill points ( you cannot be a jack of all trades )
    5. Personal (instanced) island where you can farm / craft to support your guild
    6. Accessible ( playable on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS )

    Really don't expect this to be the next big thing but it may give us something to play before the real PvP games come out.


    Note that I'll keep this thread updated over the next week in terms of my progress in game. I'll be playing with a small group which my brother has joined, as the game requires a guild in order to fully test the features.

    Drop me in a line in Discord if you want to join. They happen to use Discord as their primary means of communication.
  2. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    More information for those those that care.



    New Classless System:
    • You are what you wear
      • Light, Medium, and Heavy armor
      • 8 tiers of crafted gear
      • More diversified weapons
      • Weapons have unique characteristics
    • Make educated guesses about a players role by their choice of weapon and/or armor
      • You could be wrong!


    Personal Housing

    Key Features:
    • Personal & Guild islands
      • Instanced, only those invited can visit
      • Perfect for those that want to support the guild outside of PvP
      • Personal labourers
        • They basically perform tedious tasks for you
        • Can be customized to your play style
    • Player owned shops
      • Make your non-island crafting stations available for use to the public, for a price



    PvP & Territory Control

    Important information:
    • LOCAL banking
      • Must transport materials / goods between locations
    • Full, partials, and no loot rules
      • Zones are split into green (safe), yellow (partial loot), red (full loot), and black (full loot) zones.
      • Higher level materials are only present in red or black zones.
    • MORE TO COME....
  3. Bushido Inactive Chapter Member

    I';m following this game closely, but I think it is a horrible decision not to add any penalties for random P?K. This is comming from a PK player in these types of games
  4. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Just played a few hours before work, it's pretty great so far.
  5. Ichimaru Lord

    I love how old school this game looks. How large was the client download Phil?
  6. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    @Ichimaru Minimal, the whole game directory seems to be 1.7GB

    I'll be writing a more in-depth review this weekend. Lots to cover.

    I'm also making my account available for lord+ if they want to fuck around. Jump in Discord and we can chat.
  7. Guilford Warlord

    Thinking of checking this game out @Philoctetes what do i have to do to start playing right now?
  8. Ichimaru Lord


    Just have to buy one of the founders packs ($29.99/$49.99/$99.99).

    I'm definitely interested, it looks like a great game imo. I'm just concerned that it will be too grindy for most of this crowd to really take hold. Will depend largely on how easily gear is replaced after being lost.
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  9. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    The grind is real, but it's important to note that we can manage it. You could potentially buy everything with silver (primary in game currency).
  10. Sauer Inactive Chapter Member

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  11. Bushido Inactive Chapter Member

    It is most likely small, as the game is also playable on mobile devices.

    It is based heavily on Runescape, and that would be the best game to look at to see what you would expect in this game.
  12. Ichimaru Lord

    Yeah I got to thinking after I asked, it would have to be small to also be on mobile devices. I downloaded it late last night, think it was in the 650-700 MB range when all was said and done.
  13. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    The Runescape comparison is pretty accurate in terms of gameplay and movement. It is, for the most part, point and click, with a few hot keys mixed in for common skills and actions. That being said everything else is better.

    Crafting & housing is a good example. The grind is real for crafting, no if ands or buts about it. I know certain players in this guild will not like it... thankfully they may not have to endure much of it as you can buy everything with in game currency. What's really neat about Albion is how they've handled the player economy, it has been taken to the extreme in every way. Local banking, can't buy any gear from vendors (unless you spend a currency earned through questing - which requires basic gear), and only the newbie cities ( 3 total ) have crafting stations. In order for guilds or individuals to advance into more dangerous zones they MUST build these structures in the spaces provided. In my experience, so far, the only amenities present in other cities are the bank and a few vendors ( personal / guild island, repairs, fast travel ).

    PvP is also something I should cover. Unfortunately as a solo player it has been hard to judge what group PvP will be like. With the number of custom skills and unique weapon abilities created through the crafting system I see plenty of opportunities to explore different PvP builds. With the skill cap characters will be limited in what they can do, but honestly this is a good thing (remember Darkfall?). Guild PvP is something I think we can easily manage as it has been limited to 5v5, 10v10, or 20v20 matches. This will allow even a small chapter to participate in these events. It's unclear how a small group would fair in open world combat, but with our skilled player base, and @Gaunsaku, we should be able to take on anyone. @Gaunsaku can take on at least 10 people according to shout box.

    Overall Albion is a very good game. It will require a moderate amount of organization and a decent amount of bodies. However, with the game being super accessible (tablet, pc, mac, web browser), catering to many play styles ( PvP, crafting, farming, etc ) and it being casual friendly ( to a degree ) there is nothing stoping us from forming an official chapter. We're still looking at a year before CU or CF are released. With the Albion closed beta ending in approximately ~2 months I think this would be an ideal time to explore bringing LotD together before our next major adventure in CF / CU.

    I enjoy these random FPS games we've been playing but Albion provides an opportunity to sharpen our skills for CF / CU as they have some commonalities. Full loot PvP, local banking, resource & crafting management. It may also be a good recruiting ground for CF / CU as a lot of PvP guilds / players are being drawn into Albion.


    @Jbigg Has experience in the alpha, I would be curious to know what his thoughts are.
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  14. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Its the same as it was in the alpha, the whole not crafting thing had to go out the window right away as it is beta and things are not being sold. This would also be a problem at launch if you push for tier right at the start. I've played a lot of Ultima and this has a similair vibe to it. I just want to try the more unique weapons out and see how different everything is.
  15. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    I need to get an OX, similair to the Ultima Pack Mule, once you get that you can harvest for days wiithout having to travel back to a stash for weight issues.

    As you progress if you didn't get the $100 pack (has Ox) then you should rush that, that means getting to a bigger town>>buying private island>upgrade island>drop farm>carrots>22hours>upgrade island>pasture>horses/ox

    I'm guessing there is powerleveling in this game since bigger shit gives more fame, thats usually a nice feature in these style of games.
  16. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Yup horses and Oxs are nice. I actually blew $100 on it in order to test how worthy they are. Not required by any means, but super useful early on.
  17. Gaunsaku Chill Dude

    I'm older now so I'm probably limited to 8.
  18. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    If we are going to guild up we should do so earlier than later Phil if we are just leeching off an established guilds resources thats pry easier. I was scounting the map and Smoky Bay looks like the best Green city to live from. It has a a concentrated spawn of all Boar/Iron/Pine/t4 stone all 1-2 tiles away and it has a III-V resource tile that is in green saftey 2 tiles away as well. Also 2 III-V yellow zones 1 tile away (IV-VI red 2 tiles away)

    Gone for the day, I'll be on tomorrow

    So i'm on the west continent and can't fast travel to the easts cities, I'm going to liquidize before I get built up and move over to smokey bay once my horse/ox are done
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