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  1. Bushido Inactive Chapter Member

    Yea they have made another official release date of June/Jully. But are at the same time completly revamping the map and adding an expansions worth of stuff. It'll be pushed back again.

    I kinda lost interest when they initially were advertising it as f2p but when they saw the money they flipped to b2p. But kept the f2p buying silver in the game.
  2. I play BDO but i've been watching Albion for awhile I also already have the game. Haven't played much, just heard about the new updates so i'll be logging on and checking it out.
  3. Devilman Inactive Chapter Member

    With dark n light delay and Albion release date, might look into this. I am only going to play In a group taking the suggestion of others.
  4. Devilman Inactive Chapter Member

    Who else wants to put the time in and play? I know @Kejo is interested and maybe @Belle. If we can't get enough, I am a no go
  5. NyN_ToFiVe Sleeps In PvP

    i bought this game a year ago but never really played it o_O Could be fun
  6. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    I have a founders pack to offload for a discount if anyone seriously wants to play. Just PM me.
  7. Jbigg Jay Biguos

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  8. Devilman Inactive Chapter Member

    Ok. Jumped into the game and it is fun even without PvP so far. I grouped with @OneMeanGreenBean . He shower me the ropes and had t4 in 4 hours. Read up on what jbigg was saying and am going to work on my private island now. If you want to play just hit me up on discord.
  9. Devilman Inactive Chapter Member

  10. Devilman Inactive Chapter Member

    Still chugging along. Testing Farms, pastures, and horses.
  11. o_O I might have to hop online when I get back home next week. Going out of town this weekend but I'll be back Monday how you guys like the game so far? @Devilman
  12. Devilman Inactive Chapter Member

    Trying to take it slow. Jbigg and bean taught me a lot. Working on getting a dire wolf pup next to test.
  13. Cool I'll probably hop online in a few when I get back settled in. You guys using Discord? @Devilman
  14. Devilman Inactive Chapter Member

    Using both discord and TS. Mostly discord Team Mad.
  15. Piikaa Warlord

    Snuffbox and Escher are playing and just sent me a founders pack so it looks like I will be giving it a go. I played on Snuffbox's account yesterday and like the concept.
  16. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    I have an account I don't use if anyone wants to use it. I don't remember what package or anything, but I think it was Kickstarter.
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  17. Glisseal Lord

    What is the advantage of starting on the 1st day? Will there be land grabs?.......I hope not cuss those fucking Fire drills and the 8 houses I got at AA launch drove me nuts.
  18. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    The starter zones are going to be picked completely clean of resources/mobs getting passed that area of the game as quickly as possible is a giant advantage. If you are joining a large guild that is going for territory control there will also be a rush for guild territory. Also if you are going to push to make money on the market, whoever is on the bleeding edge of progression in a craft charges out the ass.

    If you plan everything out prior to launch and know exactly what resources you need at the beginning to get out of the starter zones you can still do well without the headstarts, the ox/horse that you can get also will give you a big advantage at the start, as they are behind multiple days of progression even if you know what you are doing.
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  19. Piikaa Warlord

    Ok, just started downloading the game, will be online this afternoon.
  20. emutheblue Crowfall Leadership

    You're in the wrong thread, guys. This is Albion, not Crowfall.

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