American Economic Collapse Explained in 5 Mins!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hades, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. Dogmatic Banned

    Tell me where in there I stated that my need of a single month of SNAP benefits, and me working 40 hours per week coincided? Nowhere.

    Jealousy of the poor? Jealousy, and disgust at people leeching off of the economy are two different things. Seeing the same people drive around in a brand-fucking-new vehicle, with rims and speakers, all day every day, from welfare? Seeing these people on welfare live better than me, while not attempting to find a job, doing drugs at the Duval County Hospital, seeing nasty fuckers go in there for their drug fixes, on multiple occasions being shot while I was working, and you think I'm jealous? What part of what anyone here has said makes you think we are jealous? If you ask me, it's been sounding like we want them to stop stealing our tax dollars.

    And before you state that all of these things listed happened at once, don't. This was a list of bullshit I witnessed from people on welfare in a ghetto. Have you been to one of these? This has nothing to do with people being unable to get by, because otherwise not a one of them would have ever escaped it./ Ghettos are filled with sacks of shit who find ways to work the system, and continue doing it. You think that lady accidentally had 5 kids and no baby daddy? No, they did it on purpose for the welfare, and continue it, saying woe is me, I can't support us off of the massive stipend I recieved, and by golly! I'm knocked up again!

    And illegal immigrants don't get on the payroll. They get paid cash. They don't pay taxes from cash handed to them.

    The under the table pay had to do with your stated ~10% unemployment, which I equted to people not paying taxes. Which is what the government uses that rate for. It had nothing to do with a choice. Being paid under the table generally goes unreported to avoid paying taxes. In most cases.
  2. Anwedie Lord

    Hey I'm only top 5%, not 1%. I'm pretty poor down here.
  3. Tsucasa Inactive Chapter Member just to show how not under the table illegal immigrant pay is. This as been going on a very long time now.
  4. Gaunsaku Chill Dude

    Holy fuck this thread exploded fast with not so smart people saying not so smart things in attempts to win an argument! I'm passing on this one :D
  5. Zisa Non-LotD LotD Chapter Ineligible

    Nope, the retirement plan is why I don't mind making less than the private sector so if he'd said "cut all retirement plans" then I might agree. Salary is not the reason I work for the govt.
    I pay $172~ every two weeks which is $4500~ a year for family. Probably exactly the same if not more than just about anyone else.
    Interesting, but I'd like to see the education statistics for those same counties. Pulling out a single statistic to make a point without comparing other meaningful information is exactly what is wrong with the media. Are you in that industry?
  6. Sauer Inactive Chapter Member

    Such is the nature of the public sector scam. Millionaire bureaucrats retiring at age 55 and sucking the taxpayer dry for 25 years.

    That is no where near the cost of the insurance. The cost of my health insurance is $1200 a month per person.

    What does education have to do with it? We know who the biggest employer is in that area.

  7. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    The biggest problem with a lot of the information being passed back and forth here is a lack of understanding of economics.

    1) If you subsidize something you will get more of it. Whatever program you intiate in an attempt to solve a problem, that solution affects all future decisions of the parties involved.

    Government subsidies distort markets. The federal reserve distorts markets. The housing bubble was caused by elected officials who wanted to buy votes by offering subsidies and guarantees to homeowners. Corporations and individuals will alter their behavior to best exploit the legislation offered by Washington. Corporations will also attempt to influence legislation to their advantage and to hamstring their competitors.

    Translation: Create a foodstamp program that according to your statistics will help the 5% of the population that are starving and 15% of the population will alter their lifestyle/income reporting in order to qualify for it. Then the program that was budgeted to cost 5 billion now costs 15 billion.

    Solution- Free Markets. Other than in cases of force or fraud any willing
    party should be allowed to purchase anything from any other willing party without restriction. No subsidies, market choice of billions of people is superior to bureacratic choice of 100's.

    Banks that fail should not be bailed out, individuals that fail should not be bailed out. Subsidies and safety nets only encourage people to engage in risky behavior wihout downsides.

    Why did the banks fail? because they knew they had friends in washington?

    Why does the welfare queen not stop having babies? becasue in her neighborhood every baby is an additional paychek and comes with free daycare/food/ preschool/medical care/education.

    Our founding fathers knew this but they also knew that republics only last till people figure out they can vote themselves money out of the treasury...
  8. Sauer Inactive Chapter Member


    Read a history book. We tried that and it failed.

    What we need is a strong(er) central government to take from the evil rich and give it to the people who need it more. This revolutionary idea has never been tried before! Hand me whats left of your liberty and I guarantee it will work.

  9. Dogmatic Banned

    Zomg! I'm one of the tons of poorly educated fucks who will vote for you because I have no idea what words I'm spewing from my mouth truly mean!

    Anyone remember the people interviewed as to why they voted for Obama on the news? They were a fucking joke.
  10. Soth Administrator

    Yeah right, that sounds exactly like something one of those weasely 1 percenters would say.

    It's too late anyway, I already ordered one of those sweet pitchforks that Sauer linked.
  11. Zisa Non-LotD LotD Chapter Ineligible

    Really? Millionaire public sector employees? Hmm. Ok. If you want a job in the public sector, apply. We're hiring Corrections Officers right now. You only get vomited on like once a week. It's not bad.

    You asked how much I paid, not how much it cost. If you don't don't have an employer playing a portion of your health care, then get a new job.

    Education has everything to do with salary. Duh?
  12. Sauer Inactive Chapter Member

    Based on this small but unfortunately realistic 4% return, an $80,000 annual pension payout implies a rather large pot of money behind it--$2 million

    My point is that the taxpayer is picking up the lions share of your healthcare coverage.
    Dr. Schneider estimated the actual lifetime-earnings advantage for college graduates is a mere $279,893 in a report he wrote last year. He included tuition payments and discounted earning streams, putting them into present value. He also used actual salary data for graduates 10 years after they completed their degrees to measure incomes.
  13. Zisa Non-LotD LotD Chapter Ineligible

    Alright, tell your kids not to go to college because its not worth it.

    Ban the government! Let the private sector take over! The 1%'rs need to make more money!

    You're right and I'm wrong. I'm going to quit tomorrow.
  14. Soth Administrator

    Are you trying to say that government workers shouldnt get health coverage?? Even people working at burger king get health coverage.

    You are being pretty selective on the paragraph you quoted. The article pretty CLEARLY does say people who go to college earn more money than those who do not. But it says in reality, after paying their student loans and interest, they don't earn as much more as the salary difference might make people think they do.

    This type of quoting is the kind used when generating propaganda - ignore the facts just find the little snippet that makes it look like you are right.
  15. Bushido Inactive Chapter Member

    they pay the exact same amount in taxes as you do. THey play by the exact same set of rules as you do, the difference is that they use the system to their advantage and use as much tax breaks as possible in order to save more.

    agree fully

    the sad part is everyone is taught and learns history as memorizing dates, rather than learning from the past.

    Ok this left> Right and Right> Left is utter crap, as right and left positions dont exist. Everyone is a little right and a little left.

    Historically the left and right was about stand on the right side of the room to keep things the way they are, and the left side of the room to get rid of the monarch. Essentiallyt left is change and right is keep things the same.

    my point on that part in history is that the government and bank systems are designed to stay the same aka right wing. and the people of the world are trully neither right nor left because they all want some change, and want alot of things to stay the same.

    when in doubt purple ones :p

    i warn you on a redo, as much as one would be needed. an economic redo is a depression. The problem is that the last depression did not last long enough, because people did not learn their lessons. And the depression that we would hit would be 100x worse than the last because it would be one caused by hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is the same depression that Germany had. And that style of depression is where those who save lose. and those who invest for assets win.

    they arent their houses get taken away if they cant prove it was purchased with legally earned tender.

    really thats too bad, i was going to start a corporation with you to protect our assets
  16. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Well I guess I just pm Soth my contact info..? Is that how we are organizing our march on Anwedie?

    I enjoy that "slinging" him up involves getting blood on our pitchforks.. How long to we torture him before we sling him up.
  17. Sauer Inactive Chapter Member

    The snippet I quoted flat out said that college grads make 280k more over their lifetimes :cool:

    Zisa was insinuating that education accounted for the fact that the top 3 counties in the US for median income happen to be DC suburbs. Not that federal employees are higher paid than their private sector counterparts.
  18. Bushido Inactive Chapter Member

    by the time a student gets their diploma they are obsolete. The education system is not evolving with the rest of the world, which is going to cause a lot of problems and is causing some ones now
  19. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    There shouldn't even be an income tax. You could drop the federal budget to 1990 levels and be just fine without it.
    The idea of receiving services and being charged a percentage of your income is ludicrous anyway. Imagine if you went to a gas station and they charged you based on the value of your car.
  20. Bushido Inactive Chapter Member

    income tax was established and voted in by the middle and the poor classes to tax the rich more heavily. The rich played the game and ended up paying less taxes while the middle and poor classes got screwed by them.

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