Announcing The Death and Dominion Alliance

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    Almost two weeks ago, we announced the disbanding of the Command & Conquer Alliance over on Warhammer Alliance. Since then LotD has been working with other interested Destro guilds to create a new alliance based on the spirit of realm cooperation. We are pleased to announce the creation of the Death and Dominion Alliance!

    Death & Dominion​

    Cal. Int.
    Fist of the Empire
    Forgotten Legion
    Lords of the Dead
    Merchant's Inc
    Militis Noctis
    Mind Bomb
    Panic Attack
    Red Cell
    Usual Suspects
    Verlassen ​

    During the time that we were working on setting up the new alliance, Order was able to march over a fractured Destro realm to take out our faction's King. While this was disappointing, it also helped to create the additional good will needed to forge a new competitive alliance.

    In recent days the D&D Alliance has defended forts, taken back zones, and gotten back to the strategic RVR that we all like to play. Just last night we kicked Order out of a fortress, pushed two zones, and had Order scrambling to send lowbies to crash the second fort attempt to keep us out of Altdorf.

    LotD has been actively recruiting to replace people who are burned out on Warhammer, and our activity for planned guild events is going well. We're fielding about 1.5 Warbands of our own, but we are encouraging all members to show up for organized events so we can field 2 warbands with consistency. All in all its a good time to be LotD in Warhammer whether you are an old member, or a new member who just joined us.

    We look forward to kicking the shit out of Order at every opportunity, and are pleased to be working with our new allies in Death and Dominion.

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  2. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Great work Warhammer Crew. You seem to have the support of both sides of the server in your restructuring, gl in the future.

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