Anyone buy trade stocks?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Garthilk, Aug 27, 2011.

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    If you have cash lying around bonds and cds are going to be locked into super low interest rates for a minimum of 2014 as reported by the federal reserve. The goal being of course, get people to put their money elsewhere. Someone is going to make money when interest rates eventually do rise, but trying to time that market with individual investor type funds is going to be very, difficult.

    Is the market waiting for another bubble to pop? Well, maybe. The inflation bubble is being inflated at the moment. If it pop's and interest rates go up to say a normal rate of 3-5% for the base rate, the shit will hit the fan. Companies whom want to take debt to expand their business, will be unable to afford to. Companies whom have adjustable debt, or high debt loads, will be crushed under the costs to refinance them.

    But realistically, whomever is playing fiancial god that year will do everything to prevent the inflation bubble from happening, by doing more of what we're doing now. Which is keep the rates low artifically by making long term debt unappealing to investors. Inflation is going to creep up, it's just got to be allowed to creep up very slowly, when combined with a recovering economy.

    If gas prices go down, interest rates are low, consumers are getting jobs, total GDP increases at a faster rate, it's okay if inflation happens. Because everyone will feel like things are getter better, even if they're just getting the same.

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