April 4th Altdorf Invasion

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    The Command and Conquer (C&C) Alliance organized a multi zone raid on April 4th. As a result of our coordinated efforts, we were able to march on the Order Capital in Prime Time. By pushing multiple zones at the same time, the forces of Order became bewildered and confused. This allowed us to herd them like cattle to the slaughterhouse, and the failure of their realm leaders resulted in our marching into Altdorf.

    This was a pre-planned event by C&C, and we continue to do peak and/or non peak pushes to keep Order on their toes. The bottom line here is that Destro and C&C are giving more of a fight to Order on a regular basis, and pushing Altdorf is a sign of the realm's progress. Mere weeks ago, the thought of pushing into Altdorf seemed a distant dream, but it is now one that has been realized several times over.

    We appreciate the C&C guilds along with all other Destro groups that worked with us to make this happen.

    The C&C is committed to making Destro more competitive, and this Aldtorf raid as well as our progress at Forts and even IC defenses should be visible proof for everyone to see.

    Again the C&C Alliance is willing to work with other guilds or alliances to keep Destro moving forward. If you want to work with the C&C Alliance, please visit www.lotd.org, head to our warhammer public forum, and post in our Guild Relations area. From there a C&C representative will contact you when we are doing things that require coordination outside of the alliance. We would certainly like to work with other alliances, and push several zones at the same time for planned events. Contact us if your alliance is willing to be part of that type of effort.

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    Congrats to everyone, on our realm's continued progress!

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