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    It’s been almost 4 months in ArcheAge and while the Chapter takes the time to unplug and enjoy the downtime with friends and family, we’re keeping things moving forward into the new year with both PvP and PvE content planned. We’ve seen some good people go, but have recruited and continue to recruit quality people who look to continue their experience in AA the LotD way; Us vs the World.


    LotD first exploded onto Ollo with our successful domination of available land in Halcyona. Our ability to acquire and work the land gave us the infrastructure required to succeed and put us where we are today. LotD successfully setup a vast farm and trade network that we are still seeing the benefits from.

    In the first 24hours of launch, LotD hunted down numerous illegal farms and took what we wanted.


    We showed Ollo that not even our own faction was safe from our will, we slaughtered We Are Legend and other Guilds mercilessly.

    LotD is credited with the NA First Guild Fellowship Plaza


    We were and still are one of the original 4 Castle owners in Auroria.




    Since claiming our Castle we’ve gone back to our roots of laying waste to all players on the Sea. While we wait for 1.7 content to drop we will prioritize our presence out in the water and enjoy taking packs from anyone in our sight lines. Serpentis, Kraken and other PvE content is on the to do list as our members are interested in continuing to enjoy all that ArcheAge has to offer.

    We’ve recently acquired a Black Pearl and have put her to good use.


    We’ve also been putting some Siege Weapons to work, makes getting at those Merchant Ship packs much faster!


    We’ve heard rumors that Guilds on Ollo are finding their backbone and we can look forward to being sieged in the near future. We’re looking forward to putting our Castle and strategy to the test! More importantly, we’re happy to finally begin enjoying this level of PvP Content.



    Newly minted Co-PvP Lead MarleyTheMongolianMoose has been working hard with the Guild to shape up our Siege prep. Keep your eyes on the forums for the latest updates.

    We will continue to try find opponents to scrim against for Siege practice. Some more coordinated stuff with FoE and enemy Guilds is in the works. Our members will concentrate on continuing to upgrade their gear, stay involved with Siege efforts and remind the people of Ollo that nowhere is safe on the Sea.

    We recently took part in a serious siege against Freshly Squeezed with our friends over in FoE. While not successful we prove that a well prepared defender can take on an opponent with mass Siege Tanks and shut them down. Until some tweaking takes place, it's unlikely we'll see Castles change hands on Ollo for some time.


    Gedwyn, Shaylynne and our recruiters have been kept very busy despite the holidays. As Guilds break up and people move on, the applications to LotD are never ending. Not everyone has made the cut, but the interest level is at an all time high.

    Our overall Membership declined in November due to issues with game direction and lack of serious content. Since then we’ve recruited steadily and our numbers are consistently high enough to support weekly events and day to day PvP. We will continue to recruit as continued attrition is expected until the next game update.

    The [RQ] Rage Quit community is the newest group of folks to fight under the LotD banner. We've been clashing with them since Alpha/Beta and we're happy they chose to bolster our ranks with their PvP prowess.


    Dochan has been a guiding light in continuing to get this department back on track. If you`re interested in how to help whether it's farm or ship based, get with him.

    Merchant Ship Captains have been running packs and resources on a regular basis and injected a good amount of both back into the Guild. It allowed us to finish off our Gear Drive and get people what they need to finish off their own armor and weapons. Moving forward, Commerce will support Members for individual runs and restock the Guild Bank as required.

    Siege Tanks are still the number one priority for Commerce. The team will be helping people finish their Siege Tank Gilda plans as well as acquiring plans for general use in future sieges.


    The last few months have been a bit of a roller coaster as the game took some serious hits due to frustration with Trion. Most of the Chapter however believes ArcheAge is still the best PvP game to be playing and we will continue to find ways to enjoy our time here while we await 1.7.

    Lords of the Dead is dedicated to providing an organized and successful community and we have a place for everyone in our Chapter. So if you`re part of group of friends breaking from a Guild on the way down or a solo player looking to get involved in content that requires more bodies we’d love to hear from you.

    Apply here;

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