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    First of all let me thank everyone for making LotD their home in ArcheAge. Without you folks, we wouldn’t be playing AA, let alone be one of the top guilds on the server. I’ve been a gamer for a Long time, not just a general gamer, but an avid PK’r. I’ve always gravitated towards titles that promised/delivered a dynamic, open world player VS player environment. I thrive off the carnage - chaos is the driving force behind my entire adult life. Being married and having 3 kids keeps a guy on his toes, my whole life is beautiful chaos. I have played a lot of MMO’s and I have been in my fair share of guilds along the way but once I found Lords of the Dead - all of that changed. That was more than a few years ago and the rest is history, as they say. These days I have a much broader perspective on life and the world at large. My focus will always stay the same: be the best I can, push the limit. That hasn't changed but my methodology and ideals on what constitutes being ‘successful’ have. Now days I’m not much into chasing those pixels - I have a much broader objective as a leader, not just a player. Building a community and working with other driven individuals who share a common goal - that’s what charges my batteries these days. Don’t get me wrong, I play MMOs to PvP and smash face - that’s why most of us are here - but the grander idea we all share is why LotD has remained at the top of the gaming world - for over 20 years.

    I have been in more than a few LotD chapters and held just about every position there is through the years. I can tell you without a doubt that ArcheAge is the biggest, most ambitious chapter I have ever been a part of, in any game, with any guild, that I’ve ever played with, period. Your officers are pouring countless hours into 1000 different things, all equally important - like a ballet of carnage. The level at which we are operating on a daily basis is simply amazing. Everyone has done an outstanding job and I am continually astounded at what we’ve been able to accomplish - in such a short period time. LotD has become Infamous in ArcheAge!

    I think back to Alpha when Sanjo, Valus and myself first began formulating the idea of a Chapter in ArcheAge. We spoke of taking it easy this time, get a medium sized Chapter of 80-120ish people and enjoy naval PvP as best we could. Well you know what they say about ‘best laid plans’, we planned for everything but the unexpected. The unexpected being the over 250 kick ass members currently standing under the LotD banner. The insane amount of interest in a Guild of ‘Us vs The World’ exploded our previous ideas, we decided we could handle this goal of a bigger Chapter and here we are.
    Some of you have been with us since Alpha, others are much newer. Regardless of how long you’ve been with us, I feel confident that you’ve been enjoying ArcheAge as much as I have. I’ve spent time trying to talk to most of you and I’m still blown away with the quality people I’ve met. Your selflessness and willingness to step up impresses me to no end, our achievements thus far are a direct result of you all upholding what I believe to be the 3 pillars LotD stands on; PvP Excellence, Loyalty and Guild First.
    There’s a reason this Guild has stood the test of time for almost two decades, this level of success is only accomplished by consistent leadership and members willing to tow the line. Be proud of our accomplishments, ignore the haters, revel in the tears of our enemies. LotD has secured some much needed new blood with this Chapter, I hope to experience everything that ArcheAge has to offer with all of you for a long time to come.

    • 2 Merchant Ships, Guild Plaza, 2 Fishing Boats, a dozen Tractors. The Plaza was server first and one of the first in NA (perhaps even first)
    • Commerce has setup a vast farm network that will become even more streamlined as we add additional Merchants to our fleet
    • Seized and control over 75% of the entire zone of Halcyona
    • All main Guild Crafters are 70k
    • Pirated and stolen hundreds of packs
    • Zero Galleon losses, destroyed 9 enemy Galleons, 5 Merchant ships and countless Clippers
    • Complete and utter domination of the sea, one of the most advanced ‘naval guilds’ playing the game
    • Over 250 helpful, driven and kickass Members
    • No Guid Drama
    • A vast Leadership Team capable of guiding new Members, training upcoming Officers and getting results in PvP.
    • Biggest Chapter launch in LotD history

    The PvP Department is very pleased with everyone's insatiable bloodlust and continual desire to pirate the feeble plebs populating this server! We have achieved massive PvP successes which proved very profitable since the first day of headstart!

    We're very happy to say that everyone here made the Galleon's Maiden Voyage an outrageous success, and notched 2 Merchant Ships and some large number of clippers I haven't kept track of!

    I'm happy to see much more than a full page of 50's in the roster logged on at any given time, and greatly appreciate the teeth gnashing grind known as Hasla. You have all been doing excellent out there; defending our farming areas in Conflict and War through superior PvP organization and peacetime through superior PvE tagging and griefing those who believe they can steal our mobs!

    Battlecoms are excellent now, and I'm excited to hear others using that word -"Battlecoms!"- when some dynamically generated PvP happens! I'd personally like to thank all of you for the great Battlecoms-leading events have become considerably more streamlined, less headache filled and easier to organize and lead because of this. I truly do appreciate this, probably more than most of you understand. I don't have to be that irritable, hollering Dogmatic anymore. [​IMG]
    We're quite happy with the continual feedback from the membership about the department, and have been striving to make the necessary changes to ensure that we can improve the guild's success as a military force. Everyone in this guild's continual efforts to slay all whom reside on this server have enabled us to continue being the TOP North American Naval PvP guild; everyone's efforts have continued to place us well above the competition and increase that gap in Naval capability. Know that not a single Guild in this Regional release of ArcheAge has come close to matching the Naval Pedigree of Lords of the Dead. The proof is in every single guild's reaction to encountering our armada upon the ocean. They despawn or high tail it to a safe zone! It is with pride I say thank you to everyone here, your continual efforts and improvement is top-notch!

    To highlight some of these changes in response to feedback and necessity:

    • The Land Spec has currently been tweaked to accommodate the newly discovered reality of Culling. This is not the first game LotD has had to deal with this large disadvantage which the entire playerbase of a game is subjected to; and have taken a similar reaction to make this universal disadvantage OUR advantage. In Lords of the Dead, we learn from Chapter to Chapter and maintain our nearly 2 decades of excellence by learning from past Chapters. The new method and Spec are using a tried-and-true functionality which propelled LotD's server to the top of GW2's Wv3 Ladder.
    • The PvP Leadership team has expanded to help encompass the sheer size of this chapter and the guidance required to ensure dominance. This team is populated by old and new LotD'ers alike, all of whom are extremely competent and capable individuals. As such, a new Chain of Command structure has been implemented.
    • Call-to-Arms are coming to an abrupt halt. The waste of our Guild Membership's time is unwanted and considered unacceptable. My apologies for the last 2, you were called to bear arms, and only bore packs. CTA's will be very rare from here-on out; involve pre-planning and will only happen in instances where PvP will happen immediately, and end shortly. You will not be Called to carry packs on your backs, and only select members of the PvP Team are authorized to perform a Call-to-Arms. The debate upon this subject was decidedly one-sided and unanimous on this conclusion.
    • We've been keeping an eye on as many stellar individuals' progress and abilities as a leader. You do NOT go unnoticed for your efforts, and continual and successful efforts may end up with me giving you a tap on the shoulder in the future. This being said, I would like to congratulate both @Devilman and @Red0ne (this is Lefron!) to the PvP Leadership team!


    We the crafters would like to thank you for your support. At this point and time the October Donation drive is in full swing. We need cloth, iron and leather to help gear out the Guild.

    Piikaa has a post here of needed items: And Gryphter can always use thistle and mushrooms. Morals will always welcome ore, Firstclass wood and Shay stone. Jonus is always available for anything extra you want to donate. The Weapon and Armour crafters can no longer continue to process material due to the labor demands of the weapons and Armour orders coming in.

    Our Aqua farm and the Aqua farm teams will remain in place and operational. This will be the last week we will be using the resource team. Those who wish to remain longer may speak to Gryphter. Thank you for all your hard work in helping level your crafters. Some of you have gone above and beyond.

    We have such an outstanding group of crafters who are at peak in their skills thanks to your support as a Guild and their dedication to their chosen crafts and to you . We are ready willing and able to craft what you need.

    Special Order Crafting:

    We enjoy crafting for you. But you must remember we have a limited labor pool and we also like to play the game. We will get to any orders you send as soon as we possibly can. You must send in and exact description of what you want and with the correct mats to get it done via in game mail for the best chances at success.

    You can ask the crafters if there is anything they can help you with as far as mats, and the Guild will provide what it can to help. I know Valus & Jonus have a lot of cloth. Icesin has an abundance of yarn. So those are items we can help you with. We will be working on a list of items we can provide this week.

    As for Potions:

    We are going to start trade runs for charcoal and stabilizers with in the next week or so. Once we get them coming in we can better supply you with the charcoal and stabilizers they require. But you have to supply the other mats they need when you request them.

    There is a chest located at the guild house in Ridgelands that Piikaa places food in for the guild. Please stop by and help yourself to a few of them. He takes special orders as well, you supply the mats.

    Armor Crafting And How To Get What You Need:

    As you know, the October donation drive is in full swing. The main reason behind that is to gather enough raw materials (we need roughly 1000 per member) so that we can craft everyone in the guild a full set of Conquerors Armor, whatever type you'd like. Use the form below to sign up - We will be prioritizing the armor based on total donations since launch, but everyone who has contributed will get a full set of Conquerors Armor.

    What you need to supply in order to get your set of Armor:

    • 14 moonlight crystals
    • 35 moonlight shards
    • 21 moonlight dust
    • 50g (for vendor mats *147 blue salt gloves- & a labor pot)
    We are going to supply the trade packs to run for the Charcoal and Rock Salt - but people will be responsible for running them for the stuff they need.
    • 42 charcoal
    • 21 rock salt

    We happy to be able to give back something to everyone who has helped us find success here in ArcheAge.

    The Conquerors set is a starting point and will more than likely be an upgrade for just about anyone who's not in full GHA gear - and this armor has more STA - making it preferred for PVP. This will also give everyone something to work on in terms of upgrades in the near future. We will have a trading forum dedicated for swapping pieces when everyone starts making the Illustrious Armors.

    We will be in contact with everyone on an individual basis throughout the crafting stages - so for now work on getting the materials listed above - so that when your set it up - you're ready to rock and roll.

    Please visit this link to fillout the order form;


    Commerce Weekly duties will consist of each member of commerce growing materials and crafting packs from the Guild Plaza. These packs will then be placed on a farm near the Guild Plaza. These packs will then be ran and turned in by a guild account. All gold will be held there, so there will be no headache of mailing gold to a specific person. Everyone now has access to the guild plaza and several small farms near it marked with the commerce flag.

    Personal Pack Run Sign Ups;
    Gold Runs:

    Gold runs are done on Tuesdays and Fridays only at the moment. This is subject to change. Do not ask on any other days because the answer will be no.

    For gold runs, they must be staged reasonably close to where you want to depart from. i.e. if you want to run packs from Marianople to Sanddeep, have them staged in Two Crowns or Halcyona. These are reasonable staging areas for this run in particular.

    Gilda Star Runs:

    Gilda star runs will most likely be done directly after guild runs for Gilda stars, which will mostly likely be morning runs. Obviously there are people who cannot play during the morning, so we can do later runs on different days which will be scheduled mostly on a case by case basis.

    For Gilda star runs, packs must be placed at the personal run staging point. At this point, we do not have one designated, but that will be worked out within the next couple of days. We are expecting 2, 1 being Solzreed Peninsula and the other being north Two Crowns.

    It will be your responsibility to get your packs to these points. From there they will be moved to our staging island before the run is set to begin.

    Also, for Gilda runs, if you are close to your goal (i.e. you have 200 Gilda and you want 250 for a fishing boat), you will most likely be moved up in line as scheduling permits. This allows us to finish off more goals for people in a shorter amount of time, so it pays to do your dailies.

    Forum signup link:


    If you want to do gold runs during non-peace times or Gilda star runs, be aware that there is always a risk to do this. We will do everything we can to ensure safe delivery of the packs for turn in, but if your packs are lost, you will not be reimbursed by the guild.


    Recruiting has been a huge success. We've been inundated with a ton of applications and we've done a great job at bringing good people in and weeding out those that need to be weeded out. Keeping track of 200+ people is not an easy task - there's been a lot of hours put in that no one else has seen. Hats off to everyone in the Personnel department - great job folks.

    Moving forward we'll be making a final determination on the Alt situation; a majority of the new people to the chapter will be at the end of their 6 week trial period and will be (hopefully) due for promotion. We'll also be a bit more selective in our applications moving forward: Friends & Family will always have a place in this chapter, but new players will be subject to a bit more scrutiny and need experience before joining us.


    Now that the Guild infrastructure is up and running we’ll continue to provide activities and support for all aspects of the game for our members. This includes but is not limited to: trade runs for Gold, Gilda and pack staging. Crafters and Members who are owed money from the Guild need to contact @Valus as we will be paying this back in the near future.

    We plan to continue slaying the zergs with FoE and we will back each other in Auroria come launch.

    Leadership is keeping an eye out for future Officer candidates. If you have the urge to help lead the way in LotD, speak to Sanjo, Evoex or Zaltex about future opportunities.

    We’ve had a great 30 days and if our current success is any indication of the future of this Chapter, we’re going to be kicking ass in ArcheAge for a long time. With Auroria around the corner it’s important that we all get on the same page to further our goals and continue being one of the top Guilds in North America. Everything we have accomplished is a direct result of your efforts and we’re only going to improve as we dig in for future content.There is a ton of content already released overseas for the game and we have some big plans for the future, rest assured everyone will be in the loop.

    Thank you again!

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