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    EDIT: Official ARK WIKI

    Reddit post, all credit to Meech on reddit.


    Your first goal when waking up on the ARK should be to examine your surroundings. Get your bearings. Look for other players who may or may not be out for blood. Also, be sure to look for these nasty buggers. That's a Dilophosaurus, commonly called a Dilo. They can be quite a nuisance for fresh spawns and will be your primary enemy in low level areas.

    As you move around, you’ll notice your thirst and stamina go down as you sprint. Keep an eye on these. Your hydration can be refilled by swimming in the water (must be actually swimming, not just standing in the water). Be very careful of swimming while you have low stamina. Running out of stamina underwater is almost guaranteed to drown you, as you won’t have the stamina to come back up to the surface for air.

    Your first steps in ARK

    Step 1: Gather a few stones. These will be all around the beach. Simply press "e" (default use button) while you have nothing in your hand to pick it up.

    Step 2: Find a tree and punch it. Beware your health meter, punching anything with a bare fist will drain your health slightly. You should get a lot of thatch but will eventually get some wood, though it may take a few trees.

    Step 3: Once you've gotten your first piece of wood, make a stone pick. To make a pick, open your inventory (default key "i") and switch over to crafting (or, alternatively, press "v" to go straight to the crafting screen). If the icon is white, click the pick, and then click the "Craft item" button below it. If the icon is still red, hover your mouse over it to see what materials areas still needed and grab those.

    Step 4: Now that you've got a pick, use it to mine rocks (alternate image) for flint and stones (or gather from trees for a better chance to get wood if you need more).

    Quick Tip – Leveling: By now you should have leveled up. You gain experience points for various activities, but also passively as time goes on. Every time you level up you get one point to increase your stats (health, movement speed, melee damage etc.) and a few Engram Points (EP). Engrams are essentially crafting recipes, which your character will keep permanently and can be used as many times as you like. For now, grab the hatchet as your first engram pick. As for stats, I recommend investing in Health or Fortitude early on. Maybe melee damage if you’re feeling like you’re going to be doing a lot of fighting. Health and Melee damage are pretty straightforward. Health increases your max HP and melee damage boosts you overall damage output with melee weapons. Fortitude (my usual first pick) is less clear cut. Fortitude is the general “toughness” of your character. Investing in it allows you to resist the harsh elements, which is nice early on as you won’t have clothes to help in that area until a bit later down the road. Fortitude also gives you a resistance to torpor, or level of unconsciousness, meaning all the players throwing punches are a bit less likely to knock you out.

    Step 5: Use your shiny new hatchet engram to craft a hatchet and get yourself a new tool.

    Quick Tip – Gathering: There is a difference between gathering with the pick and gathering with the hatchet. The pick allows for the gathering of “finer” resources and therefore is more likely (but not guaranteed) to gather thatch than wood from trees. The same goes for rocks where it gathers primarily flint, and animals where it tends to receive more meat. The hatchet is the reverse for all of those, prioritizing wood over thatch, stone over flint, and hide over meat.

    Step 5: Now look around for some bushes. Gathering from these (press “e” with nothing in your hand) will yield you berries and fiber. You can eat the berries for a small food/water boost but don’t get too comfortable. These berries won’t give much. Also, don’t eat the “narcoberries” unless it’s your last choice. These increase your torpor level and will eventually knock you unconscious.

    Step 6: Now that you've got the basics of gathering and crafting down, look around for dinos. If you’re feeling up to it, grab the spear engram and go hunting Dilos, but beware of their blinding spit attack which you can dodge by strafing. Or try to find some water and hunt the Coelacanths. These can be a great source of meat early on, along with dodos. If you decide to stay wary of the Dilos, a hatchet/pick will serve you fine in killing the Coel and Dodos, so invest your EP in a campfire instead so you can cook the meat they drop. You can craft and place the campfire on flat ground and then place the raw meat and wood in the campfire’s inventory (thatch works as well, but burns very quickly). Get a waterskin engram as soon as possible. A waterskin can hold water for later use (though it will leak slowly) and can be refilled in shallow water (or while it’s raining) by equipping it to your hotbar and using it. Stick around and explore your surroundings for as long as you feel comfortable. Learn about the different dinos and how they react and behave. Going deeper into the island will introduce you to all sorts of new and nasty carnivores.

    I will be updating this guide as time goes on, with more tips and a quick guide to taming your first Dino (don't worry about it until closer to level 10). Feel free to ask any questions below, I'll try to answer them as best I can. And please remember this is MEETCH's quick-start guide. Others will of course have different strategies, but I've tried to give you my personal take on the best, no-nonsense version of what you should do your first few minutes on the island. I hope it helps [​IMG]

    The ARK is a wondrous but unforgiving place. Nevertheless, you’ve got the basics down now, survivor. Good luck and happy hunting!


    Some things I picked up.

    If you plan to build: Save your engram points on Thatch Structures, these are really terrible. It may be required that you build thatch and then upgrade to the next level though, so have the points saved until you can find out for sure.

    Some essential engrams: Stone Hatchet, Campfire, sleeping bag (helps with navigation), Spear or slingshot
    NOTE: if you go spears you need to build like 4 of them at all times, they have a random RNG of snapping in half whlie you are hitting things, they stack and everything though so as long as you bring a bunch you can go nuts, including throwing them.

    Slinghsots use rocks as ammo, slingshots and fists are very good at trying to knock animals unconsious (low damage high stun); Either this or spears seems to have been the most effective, mining picks and stone axe do not appear to make good weapons (better than fists)

    NOTE* I have seen several one shot knocked unconsious (headshot) with a slingshot. If raising Torpor prevents this, it may be a very wise stat investment.

    User your fists to keep something knocked out if you don't have narco berries.

    Taming a high level creature takes fucking forever, highly discourage. Tame level 1-3 shit for shorter time periods and better taming efficientcy. Also if you level them up form this low you can completely customize the stats as it levels up.
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    First make your way to one of the three Obelisks on any map.

    Access the inventory of the obelisk


    One use you can see of the obeslik is to summon a boss monster.

    We are only interested in the button in the top left that reads 'TRANSMIT ARK DATA'
    Clicking this button gives you the upload/download menu.

    If you choose to Upload Survivor Data you will get a prompt, all items are left behind but you can bring your level and blueprints to another game.
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    Super stuff Jbigg. Personally I would tame a turtles to start because they swim really fast, and can keep u safe from humans/dinos on the beach, and sharks/crocs in the water.

    We will be making our base at 11 on the map as u see below:

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