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Discussion in 'ARK Discussion' started by El Topo, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. El Topo Lord

    We should take the time to scout these locations before we decide on a spot. If u login tomorrow and spawn close to one of these locations make sure to check them out and report back to the guild, so we can cross that location off the list.

    We are looking for:
    1. A centralized location.
    2. A large piece of land to build on that is fairly flat.
    3. A place that is close to a lot of building resources like wood, stone, and metal.
    4. A place close enough to river so we can get electricity and irrigation working.
    5. As well close enough to a farmable food source.
    6. As well as close to the best tamable animals.
    7. Building in a bottleneck will save us a lot of mats for walls, and limit an enemies attack options.
    8. However a higher position could be advantages as well.
    9. Location should also be close to the sea for the more rare resources.
    10. We can also build close to a flying mount spawn, but its not a priority.
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  2. El Topo Lord

    We should focus our scouting to 11, 10, 6, 2, and 8.
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  3. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    I noticed everyone grouping up is getting the same skill ups (since there good), but in reality we would want one guy getting armor blueprints, one guy getting buildilng blueprints, one guy getting all the saddles and so forth

    Possibly two for each.

    Tab for console: Command is 'togglelocation' This will give x (left/right), y(up/down)
  4. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Statistics you can increase each level
    Health: 100/100 (obviously a good stat)
    Stamina: 100/100 (Great at all stages of the game, all actions drain stamina)
    Oxygen: 100/100 (Can be underwater longer, meh)
    Food: 100/100 (Just get weight and carry more food..)
    Water: 100/100 (Get weight son.)
    Weight: 100/100 (aforementioned weight.. very useful in the game)
    Melee Damage: 100% (May help early game but... we all want guns and shit.)
    Movement Speed: 100% (Would imagine this is good)
    Fortitude: 0.0 (don't know what it does)
    Crafting Speed: 100% (Carebear.)
    Torpor: (stun threshold thingy) 0/200 (I believe once you reach max you die or start taking dmg maybe?, so you have more of alikelyhood of not dieing, imho get good and don't get stunned in the first place/ if this increases your initial to-be-stunned threshold it would be good)

    The crafting blueprints you can scroll down and see at the start of the game go up to level 60, so I am assuming that is max. so 59 skillups as you progress I am guessing.

    Sleeping bag compass; Sleeping bags have a fast travel option, if you bring one with you while scouting you can place it and use this option to see your exact location on the map, otherwise there is no indicator telling you where you are.
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  5. Lake Warlord

    Top secret info... :D
  6. Iseng Warlord

    I'm liking 11 a lot
  7. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    By the way, everyone that has headed inland right away is getting their asses kicked, most people are dieing on the beaches when they are new, the sharks and crocs are wreaking people trying to swim across water for shortcuts as well.

    If you go into the water without enegy you are most likely going to drown yourself
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  8. El Topo Lord

    Yeah I saw that Jbigg. I think u have to slowly run along the coastline while avoiding people and keeping yourself healthy until u find a location for a base. We will figure it over TS or Gamevox.

    Here is the Link to my 19x19 base plans in Google Draw. I will modify the base as needed.
  9. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Holyshit dude, a 19x19? I saw multiple levels to forts in the trailer. In rust anythign bigger than 6x6 was pretty ambitious.
  10. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Heres a quite and dirty Calc, threw it together so I could see what my endgame stats woudl like like.
    I am unsure what Fortitude does, also it may not scale by 10 per level but that is what I have in the calc.

    Adjusted some values, Melee dmg 5% per level, speed 2% per level
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  11. Dragunwulf Member

    Good idea here.

    Also like the base, but boy that 19x19 does seem really ambitious. But I bet its more realistic down the road.
    Either way cant wait until tomorrow to get this rolling!
  12. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    10 has a shit ton of peaceful animals on the beaches no newbie spawns up here, so just people who have wandered up, some scorps, some raptors at the end of the peacefuls.

    EDIT: near the end of the stream before I left there were a couple predator dinos that moved in, they eventually also found a level 19 t-rex that was wrecking shit.
    EDIT: they did see it get killed, it started eating 5 stegosauras which I know do a lot of damage with their tail, and players jumped in to help down it.
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  13. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    I'm going to attempt to roll a melee dmg character, I have no idea what the options are for melee weapons but I saw noone trying to build for it on the streams.
    thinking something like

    Stat Amount Points
    Health 240 14
    Stamina 200 10
    Oxygen 100 0
    Food 100 0
    Water 100 0
    Weight 150 5
    Melee Damage 200 20
    Movement Speed 120 10
    Fortitude 0 0
    Crafting Speed 100 0
    Torpor 200 0

    5 Weight; Level 6
    5 Stam/5 Health Mixed; Level 16
    10 movespeed/10 melee damage mixed; Level 36
    5 stam/9 health mixed; Level 50
    10 melee damage; Level 60
    may need more health may need more torpor, but this will be my starting point.
    I also don't know what fortitude does.

    We want to get in the same Tribe ASAP for increased/shared XP
    I'll be on at 5:40 CST

    1) Hit TAB to open console.
    2) type 'togglelocation'

    This will toggle displaying your x,y,z coordinates on the screen.
    x = east/west
    y = north/south
    z = verticle axis
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  14. El Topo Lord

    We will be setting up at 11 on the map as seen below, and I will be posting our server when they game is released. If 11 turns out to be a shit spot we will work with the next best spot.
  15. Iseng Warlord

    So there is a place close to #1 and #11 that storm and I found that is pretty legit for a base. Only two ways in and would be easy to block it off.

    Any news on the lotd sever yet?
  16. Dragunwulf Member

    Playing tonight at all? I solod 18 hrs yesterday feels like wasted time.... havent seen any of u on ts
  17. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    They are using gamevox, link is somewhere in the thread.
  18. Witchlight Member

    Torpor is if someone were to hit you with a sling, tranq arrows or scorpion stings. Fortitude increases your resistance to those effects.
  19. Witchlight Member

    Also of note underwater bases are suppose to be in the works
  20. @Witchlight are you gonna keep playing with yourself or are you going to play with the guild?

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