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Discussion in 'Zerg Discussion' started by Bushido, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Bushido Inactive Chapter Member

    well after doing decent (20 wins 80 losses ) on my friends east asian smurf account, i learned a wiked strat. i started to use it on my account and am beating plat players even with my average of 50 apm and shitty micro.

    basically it goes:

    build to 14 drone
    -extractor(send 3 drones)
    -spawning pool
    -when pool up get speed and queen
    -when queen done get lair and second gas
    -2nd hatch (remember to keep pumping drones while doing ths whole thing)
    -in second base get both gas mines first!]
    -if you scout an early attack build lings/whatever you can to beat them withoutt over reacting when they are comming (so keep ur overloards spread out)
    -soon as lair is done build a spire (hidden off your creep with aa creep generating overlord, so it wont be easily scouted)

    this strat goes into a muta ling strat to start, use mutas agressivly while keeping lings to defend against counter attacks.

    this build also is ment to transition into roach so remember to not starve yourself on gas.
  2. Pookee Lord

    So you don't build the spawning pool until after the 14th drone and gas chamber are up?
  3. pookee, come play hon with me, its free and i need someone to play with me !!!
  4. Pookee Lord

    never played before. I'd suck. You sure you want dead weight lol
  5. Currently im the dead weight, lol But I'm learning every day I play, and its f2p man. Download it and hit me up. I'll be heading home in about 45 minutes and be playing for a couple hours tonight.
  6. Tabaal Lord

    Are you on vent when you play?
  7. I can be but no need if no one to play with.
  8. Pookee Lord

    so um I'm always a day late responding. Sorry Cal. Looking into downloading this, though I will be honest, Warhammer 40k Space Marine caught my attention today.
  9. melissa Guest

  10. Tabaal Lord

    Well i usually hang in vent to see if I Can find people, so log in if you want to play
  11. Furyos Warlord

    You will get owned by any decent terran player.
  12. Bushido Inactive Chapter Member

    sorry for late reply was pc less while building my pc :)

    yes 13 gas, 14 pool (that way you have exactly 100 gas to pop out zergling speed.)

    basically what the zergling speed is for if you see your opponant going for an early push you can build out lings with speed to push it back if you dont have mutas.

    when the pool finishes you get both a queen and ling speed, (dont pull off gas, but take the other gas!) when quee pops out build lair.

    make sure you have an overlord out to the side spittig creep where you place the spire, else it can be early scouted.

    once spire is up you should have enough for 5 mutas fast.

    it takes time to effectivly put this build to work, but yes i should have clarified this is a zvz strat.
  13. Bushido Inactive Chapter Member

    Edited and refined build order:

    14 Pool
    14 Gas
    15 Overlord
    18 Gas
    Get Zergling speed with first 100 gas, Lair with next.
    Mass speedlings and some drones.

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