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    There are a number of changes to the Crowfall store coming in early 2018, some of which are confusing, so here is an action list with our recommendations to best benefit you and the guild:

    If you have not yet bought a pledge package...
    You are probably in the "wait and see" mode, and at this point it might be best to wait for the store changes coming in January 2018. Here is info on the change to pre-orders, which will include immediate access to the testing environment.

    If you join the official LotD guild on the Crowfall forums per below, you will also get a 10% discount on your first store purchase. So join up before buying that preorder whenever you are ready to pull the trigger in 2018.

    If you do have a pledge package....
    1) Join the LotD guild established in the guild section of the Crowfall forums (link). For every backer in our official guild list at beta launch in early/mid 2018, we will get $10 equivalent of store currency to buy EK land plots and buff structures.
    • Post to this thread with your CROWFALL user name.
    • An invite will be sent to you on that forum (it has to be done manually so as I do batched of invites I will updated this thread). I will like your post here indicating that the invite has been sent.
    • Once invited, go to the guild interface and accept the invite.
    2) If you have not yet unbundled your pledge package, no worries - it can be left bundled and is not impacted by the conversion of store credit to Crowns.

    3) If you have redeemed items in the past and have store credit (which is currently shown in dollars), that will be converted to Crowns in late January 2018. Crowns can only be used for EK and cosmetic purchases, and not for VIP (monthly sub), alt accounts, or merchandise. But right now you can use that credit to buy anything in the store including VIP and accounts.
    • Wait until you have been added to the guild (see Item 1 above) and you will have a 10% discount on your first store purchase.
    • Consider cancelling any layaways for EK parcels or castles. Refunds will be automatic as store credit, and instead buy VIP or alt accounts. If you are only interested in the guild EK, we will already have plenty of resources due to the Crown give-away early bird offering. (Update- Gordon expands on layaways.)
    • Consider converting store credit to VIP or alt accounts. VIP can be purchased in quantities of up to 12 per transaction in the "Merchandise" tab of the store for $15/month. Don't forget to join the guild first and get the 10% discount on your first store purchase.
    • If you are OK with any store credit being converted into Crowns, then no action is required.
    Thanks for you attention, happy holidays, and see you all on the battlefield in 2018!.
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    Edit: sorry, I am not fully understanding this. It could be because I bought my KS package late and didnt see the evolution of all the items / entitlements.

    Are you saying that if there are things that came with my KS package that I cant use, those could be converted to store credit (and then crowns)? For example, I have an option for Name a Fallen Hero / Monarch, which I think has already passed. Could that be converted to store credit? If so, how do you do that?
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    Great question I have some of these legacy items as well... from my understanding of the process they will automatically be converted to crowns. @Ren is that right?
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    I wouldn't be shocked if you could email their support and still use the name a monarch/etc rewards if you were still inclined. I mean, likely all they did back when they asked for our picks was toss them into a database. Adding a few more rows likely wouldn't affect things at all.
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    Main Account: jbigg
    additional: testlogin
    additional: lotdloaner

    The additional are just cheapo accounts from the store credit we got a while back for trading things in, not sure if they count.
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    They don't have many items right now that are currently flagged as redeemable for store credit - VIP might be the only one. When they change design foundations for pledge elements (like they did with strongholds) they typically make an announcement and let you adjust your entitlements for a limited window. Perhaps the launch of the store will be such an occasion. Stay tuned.
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    The only announcement about specific components so far is that they will auto convert store credit (which is in dollars) into Crowns.
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    If each account is a backer (which I believe they are) then yes.
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    Invites sent out (except for Phil who didn't include an account name).
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    Appreciate it Ren, just saw we have some common nights to get together (of which I need badly) so ill plan on seeing you guys at the next available one.

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