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    LotD Battlekeep

    The war on the Azazel server continues to progress and pick up steam. Destruction has gotten the benefit from a few rounds of server transfers to help bolster their numbers, and the Bullies guild has helped rally destruction forces around a common cause. The result has been a lot of constant action in T3 and T4 battle zones, more regular 100 vs 100 types of fights, and zone locking fun for everyone!

    The Campaign Thus Far


    The Law and Order Alliance has organized several zone locking events, we've coordinated with other Order alliances on the server, and we have been able to progress to the second fortress lord level. Unfortunately Mythic still has issues going on with stability in fortress fights, and too many players consistently crashed the zone. We were able to get the second fortress lord to 17% health before the effort was called off due to server stability and 25 second lag delays between actions.​
    The important thing to take into account here is that RVR is picking up on Azazel on both the Order and Destruction sides. Destruction has finally gotten its act together and is pushing zones on a more consistent basis, and they have greatly improved their coordination in battle. So we are getting some very good fights now, and once the server stability issue is solved (supposedly patch 1.1) one side or the other should be able to push to the other's capital city soon.

    LotD Progress


    We are holding steady as the #3 renown holding guild, and we are continuing to lead the server in guild rank (25). All of the Law and Order guilds are doing well in renown and guild rank standing, and we also congratulate them on their success.

    LotD began Warhammer with a roster of just over 100, and we expect to slim down to a core of about 60 or so dedicated players as we weed out recruits who don't make the cut. We do have many ALT's tagged to give us the 144 characters in the guild, but we certainly do not have 144 players. We are still recruiting healing classes primarily, but we will continue to accept other applicants of all levels and all classes. People simply need to put an application up on our warhammer forums to be considered.

    The Future

    Warhammer is LotD's game for the foreseeable future, and warhammer is finally starting to shape up to be a very good game. Mythic's patches and improvements continue to help the existing players, and regular server transfers are helping to slowly create a critical mass on the right amount of servers. So we're going to be around Warhammer a while, and if you are looking to game with LotD then Warhammer is the place to do it until Guildwars 2 and Star Wars The Old Republic are released.​

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