Battlefield 4 Server: Reserve your slot!

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by Valor, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Lords of the Dead will be hosting our very own 64 slot Battlefield 4 server from Nuclear Fallout based out of Chicago, Illinois. We currently have 12-15 of our members and even more of their close friends to help us start populating the server the night it goes live. We are going to start off by asking for donations to get us rolling. As many of you may know it does cost money to host a server. We are looking for people to step up and help us pay for the server itself. Any amount of money will help and will go to our server cost.

    The last time LotD hosted a server it was ranked #1 for 2 weeks and was populated 24 hours a day. Our BC2 server quickly became a place where good players came to find a good game with other good players. We are looking to do the same with our server and Bf4.

    If you wish to contribute and help LotD run our server please send any donations to our guild paypal account .​

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  2. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    Put us down for $20

    $10 for BF4 and $10 for guild funds.

    Every little bit helps :)
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  3. zeta Lord

    in for 20, looking forward to shootin' the shit with peeps again :)
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  4. Remec Lord

    I'm in for $30...server/reserved slots when available... Looking forward to killing you guys.
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  5. EvilCiD Member

    I'm in for $10
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  6. In for $20 for the first month. Sent tonight!
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  7. Sarge Lord

    $20 sent from madcyric73
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  8. My man! Was worried you were still gonna be in school, congrats btw on graduation!
  9. Pookee Lord

    Sarge! M'fucker! You're still alive!
  10. Sarge Lord

    Ya, my life has changed so much in the last 2 years. I just don't sit down long enough to play anything seriously. I'll be on BF4 whenever possible.
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  11. Hectic Lord

    sent my donation today.
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  12. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    Those who donate $20 or more get the chance to win a free copy o fBF4?

    That's what Hades told me. ;)
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  13. Furyos Warlord

    Just transferred money from bank to PayPal. In 5 days I'll donate some cash even though I'm not playing BF4!!!

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