Battlefield 5

Discussion in 'FPS Discussions' started by Calebreth, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. I will be picking an EA game up for the first time since I got fucked over by BF4 a few years back. I got some friends who will be getting it as well. I know the usual suspects will be picking it up. So I'll see y'all in game. Check out the Origin name thread.

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  2. Anyone doing the 5 days early through premier? I think I might do it even though I got the Deluxe. $100 for a game is just insane IMO lol
  3. thorizdin Administrator

    Preloaded but waiting till the normal release.
  4. Nice man! I figured you were in when I saw you on Origin already. Waiting till the 20th? Deluxe is 14th and premier is tomorrow morning.

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  5. thorizdin Administrator

    I'll be on tonight, I bought the Deluxe edition.
  6. El Topo Lord

    I got premier.

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