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Will you play Battlefield One?

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. AnaMotapoeia FFXIV Chapter

    I only got standard edition! 21st for me.
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  2. Deathadders Inactive Chapter Member

    Played 5 hrs yesterday. One of the best battlefield series to date.
  3. Leshil Warlord

    Be on the look out for some BF halloween debauchery announcement for next weekend. (Not this coming one!)
  4. AnaMotapoeia FFXIV Chapter

    Played a couple of hours, really fun. :D
  5. Leshil Warlord

    @Registered BF event next Halloween weekend. Announcement soon.
  6. Deathadders Inactive Chapter Member

    Yeah been playing bf like crazy. A lot of fun and we'll worth the money. just need to learn the new maps and guns. Yesterday was 49 and 15. I love the trains horn it's pretty frightening when you hear it coming.

    Yesterday was driving the train and constantly honking the horn and people were saying please stop it scares the shit out of me haha.
  7. KingScuba Member

    after they fucked me in the ass on BF3 when I did the full buy in on their premium pack, I made the decision to not buy any more of EA's products. Maybe when they stop being scummy as hell. Till then, I have Arma 3.
  8. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    That's kind of how I've felt, I'm just waiting till launch to buy it. It's usually worth the money, even though it's more dissapointing than @Evoex
  9. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    This is what I'm doing. Most of these shooters peter out pretty quickly based off of how good the game actually is.

    So until then - I got dying light that I'm still enjoying.
  10. Leshil Warlord

    Standard Edition is all I buy now, that's why I can't play until after raids tonight.

    I agree fuck EA, but I will always play the BF titles if they're fun.

    So far all the feedback had the word "fun" and "better than BF4"

    Who is @Evoex again?
  11. Arkanni Member

    Yay I got mentioned in a post!

    Re: Battlefield One...looks good, but I'm very busy so

  12. Deathadders Inactive Chapter Member

    I would say I prefer this over any bf3 or 4. Reasoning behind is

    better maps that actually work really well and provide hetic combat, good flow where you are not running around for hours to get to an flag, the weather system actually really effects how you play ( was flying a plane in a sand storm made a banking turn to the left and couldn't tell which was up or down and ended up flying upside down into the ground)

    The weapons and how they operate/feel remind me of the days of 1942/bf2. Each class you pick for which weapon suits your play style better. I'm a more medium to long range player so I use guns that give me an advantage. they don't have this night vision or thermal vision bullshit and actually require skill to kill people. It really comes down to now your aim, knowing your limits of your gun and flanking.

    The weapons are basic as in either a standard sight or a newer sight but didn't really notice a difference between some sights.

    Overall I am enjoying the game played probably 15 hrs or more so far. I can see myself playing this till the next series comes out.
  13. Leshil Warlord

    @Valus Give me a link to the joystick you bought. I can't find mine in the storage room. :(
  14. Viphre Lord

    My first impressions so far it is a solid game, single player and multiplayer.

    The story/campaign is really well done, the single player campaign is rewarding to play in my opinion, some feel moments in there as well.

    As for multiplayer its really skill based, as in team has to have proper coordination or your team will lose. Although there isn't that much of a bullet drop in this game, most weapons have their sweet spots. also most maps are pretty well balanced and they have implemented really good comeback mechanics in the game if your team is 100~200 tickets behind. Also smoke grenades are a thing in this game, use them or have at least 1 person running them at all times since snipers are a thing. As for weapons my friends and myself feel any weapon with good hip-fire will do really good since a lot of people are using gas grenades. There is a lack of customization on weapons though something I am not too much a fan off but it is what it is.

    The new gamemode operations is a must play for multiplayer as well, can be frustrating sometimes but its really good, it's kind of the new Rush Mode but spanned over multiple maps, with 3 battalions to attack or defend.

    I understand most peoples frustration with EA I do too, but this game is worth it in my opinion if you like shooters.
  15. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    Comon, you're a warlord now... You should know that valus never reads the forums...

    Here - I've been using this one for like 8 years - and you know how into flying I am...

    It's nice and heavy and won't flop around when you're getting down on the controller - plus it's super smooth gimbals and feels really solid in your hands. (that's what she said!)
  16. Leshil Warlord

    Don't worry I pinged him on Discord too. My ulterior motive was that someone else would toss a link also. Thanks!

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  17. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    You'll love it.

    and that's a CHEAP price too.
  18. Iseng Warlord

    I have the same one. Its great.
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  19. Vulrin Member

    I just got this game last night. Haven't had a chance to play yet tho as I had work and I had to DL the game. Im using Origin if anyone wants to add me. Origin ID: Vulrin
  20. Don't ever use a joystick to fly, it's what bads do. I learned this a long time ago, none of the top pilots use joystick in chopper or planes. Everything is done with a mouse and keyboard. I was top 100 chopper pilot in us in bf 3 and bf 4 for a period of time. I know what I'm talking about when it comes to that. Also having another clunky thing on your desk is a pita :p

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