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Discussion in 'MOBA Discussions' started by Likort, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    Stunlock Studios, the guys who made Bloodline Champions, are making a new game. Or rather, looking at the four presented classes, the same game again.

    Which is a good thing, as they are doing it this time without FunCom being the publisher.

  2. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    Closed Beta starts Friday evening, afaik everybody who signed up got in. At that point the game can be discussed freely but no streaming or footage sharing is allowed. NDA drops completely September 20th.

    FAQ regarding Beta / Early Access
  3. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    I got in, it looks exactly like BLC (they even took a lot of the "heroes" from that game) with a new and improved engine.
  4. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

  5. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    The game if F2P now, if you're interested, have a look. It's a 2v2/3v3 Arena Brawler with short rounds.
  6. Decake Crowfall Tester

    Here is a good 2 minute video explaining what Battlerite is for people:


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